Shotcrete Shoring FAQs One Must Know

Shotcrete Shoring FAQs One Must Know

When you are looking for the services of demolition companies, you will come to know that these companies offer quite a bevy of services, along with residential and commercial demolition. shoring contractors vancouver is one of the common services offered by almost all professional demolition contractors. What is shotcrete shoring all about? What are some of the facts you should know about this service?

We have collated some questions pertaining to shotcrete shoring, and answered the same in the section below. After reading this, you can get a better idea than before about what this process is all about.

What is Meant by Shotcrete Shoring?

When concrete is projected at a height with great speed and pneumatic force, it is known as shotcrete shoring. Thanks to the wall created using this concrete. This process offers the much-needed stability and safety for temporary and permanent buildings, especially those erected on slopes.

What are the Two Main Types of Shotcrete Shoring?

The process of pushing concrete at a height with a lot of speed can be achieved by two methods. The first method is known as the wet-mix process. Here, the batched concrete, mixed with water, is loaded into the shotcrete nozzle. However, just before shooting the mixture to reach a height, compressed air is added to the concrete.

The second method is known as the dry mix process. Here, all the dry concrete ingredients are delivered to the shotcrete nozzle first, with the help of compressed air. However, water is added only in the last step. Just before shooting the concrete, water is added to the nozzle.

How is Shotcrete Shoring Done Usually?

Usually, most civil construction and demolition companies use the shotcrete shoring method as a temporary solution to support the main structure, when it is being brought down, deconstructed or renovated.  For example, when a wall is being repaired in a building, it needs some support to avoid falling off.

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What are the Advantages of Shotcrete Shoring?

Over the years, many companies have started using shotcrete shoring, because the process has proved to have many economic and sustainable advantages over other methods like timber shoring and steel shoring. When buildings are constructed on uneven terrains, shotcrete shoring is the most preferred method. According to studies, this process is best suited for constructing underground structures like sewers, tunnels, rail stations and more. Shotcrete offers a lot of stability and accessibility that are not usually visible in other types of shoring.

Today, many engineering and demolition companies use shotcrete shoring because shotcrete offers excellent high-quality support to structures at a reasonable cost. It is easier to set up shotcrete support structures than other support mechanisms, thereby resulting in a lot of savings in time and effort.

What are Some of the Applications of Shotcrete?

Engineering and civil contractor companies use shotcrete commonly in the following types of application:

Repairing damaged concrete or wooden structures Proving temporary or permanent protection for buildings against slopes and all types of surfaces