Sixty Iconic Tower in The Heart of The New Administrative Capital!

Sixty Iconic Tower in The Heart of The New Administrative Capital!

Sixty Iconic Features

Al Borouj Misr Developments was selective when it came to the location, design, prices, type of units and even the payment plan of the project as to attract the investors and entrepreneur by this outstanding project which is called Sixty Iconic Tower New Capital.

As for the location, the developer picked the most promising area for Sixty Iconic Tower in the New Capital where is in the heart of the New Administrative Capital which is Downtown at the CBD area that overlooks directly The Iconic Tower.

While the design of Sixty Iconic Tower is one of a kind as this tower is distinguished by its sophisticated and elegant interior and exterior design, also it consists of 41 floors that are classified into several units like administrative, commercial, medical and hotel units which is a golden opportunity for the investors.

And when it comes to the prices, Sixty Iconic New Capital has the best and most affordable prices than the other projects as the starting price of the units is 1,080,000 Egyptian Pounds.

In addition to having the easiest payment system that Al Borouj provided to their customers as the down payment of Sixty Iconic unit starts from 10% and the rest of the payment can reach over 10 years of installments.

Sixty Iconic Tower

Furthermore, Al Borouj Developments was keen to provide large number of units as the units’ spaces vary between 30 m² to 50 m² as well as providing the best price of meter in Sixty Iconic Tower, as follows:

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  • The starting price of the administrative units vary between 36,000 EGP/Meter to 38,000 EGP/Meter.
  • And the price of commercial units starts from 100,000 EGP/Meter while the medical units’ price starts from 50,000 EGP/Meter.
  • For the hotel units of Sixty Iconic Tower New Capital price, it starts from 44,000 EGP/Meter.

However, the medical, administrative and clinic units will be delivered fully-finished and the hotel units will be delivered to move in instantly.

The height of Sixty Iconic Tower is 140 meters which is considered one of the tallest buildings in the New Administrative Capital in the meantime the total area of the tower is 16156.86 m² while the developer used part of the total area for the facilities and the green landscape that is surrounding the tower.

The company made sure to provide facilities and services that nothing like it, here’s some of the outstanding amenities:

  • Conference halls that are provided with the latest technology for the meetings and conferences.
  • Kids area for the entertainment of the children which is total secure and safe for them.
  • A 24/7 security system with Sixty Iconic Tower New Capital that has the latest surveillance cameras with highly trained security team.
  • And there are two gates, one for the commercial units which the main entrance and the second one is for the administrative and hotel units.