Small Home Improvements that Make a Big Difference

Small Home Improvements that Make a Big Difference

When homeowners take on a remodeling project, they tend to focus on the big picture. There is nothing wrong with this, but they often overlook small details that can make the finished room look incomplete.

As you take on home improvements for your property, consider the small changes that can make a big difference. Familiarizing yourself with these will help you determine what you can do for your different living spaces.

Change the walls.

Considered as the most affordable changes you can make for your home, a fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper can instantly transform your rooms. Bold paint color or textured wallpaper creates a statement wall that draws people’s eyes, giving you a space to hang art and photos. The right paint color can also make a room look bigger or smaller, instantly setting the area’s mood.

Decorate the windows.

Windows are excellent sources of natural light. But they can also make a room feel uncomfortably hot or glaringly bright. Decorating your windows with the right enhancements can improve their performance for the room. Interior shutters or window blinds allow you to control the amount of light that comes into the room. The length of your curtains can change the room’s height, with floor to ceiling drapes making the ceiling look higher than it is.

Install a New Backsplash.

Your backsplash can be designed to blend in with your kitchen wall or stand out. Whichever you choose, a new backsplash will give you a simple change that brings a big difference. This feature protects the wall behind the sink, preventing water damage in this area. But a backsplash also provides you with the opportunity to introduce a new texture or aesthetic element to your kitchen.

Refinish the kitchen Cabinets.

While you’re in the kitchen, consider refinishing your cabinets. A typical kitchen remodel can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. But a fresh coat of paint and new handles can instantly enhance your cabinets.

In addition to your cabinets’ exterior look, you can enhance the interior with organizational tools. Remove clutter from your cabinets and install racks and trays to keep items clean and neat for easier access. It can also give you more storage space in the long run.

Install New Fixtures.

Consider installing new fixtures or replacing old fixtures with more modern designs to make small but significant changes in your home. The following are the fixtures that are upgraded during remodeling projects:

  • TV wall mounts
  • Window blinds and shades
  • Curtain rods
  • Ceiling fans
  • Built-in shelves

Enhance the Lighting.

It’s typical to leave lighting fixtures for last during a remodel. But completely overlooking them can lead to insufficient living space. Installing a new lighting system to better suit the room’s new look can improve its aesthetic value and performance. Modern lighting fixtures come in a wide array of designs that offer unique features such as adjustable brightness and color changes.

Replace the Doors.

If you are looking for more floor space, you can replace your swinging doors with cavity sliders. The latter provides the same function but takes up less space. Doors that look visibly old can significantly bring a room’s aesthetic value down. If you’re simply looking for an easy enhancement for your rooms, you can paint your doors a new color.

Sometimes, the small changes you make in your home have the most impact. Taking the time to look into these little details can significantly enhance your entire remodel. Leave the major improvements to the pros while you take on these smaller projects on your own.