Small Ways To Make Big Changes In Your Bathroom

As you likely already know, updating your home’s bathrooms can add major value to your home. However, this is only true if the changes you make to your water closets are relatively inexpensive and pack a punch. Research into home values have found that bathroom renovations typically only recoup slightly more than half the investment homeowners put in, so it is key to make changes that don’t cost much but drastically improve look and function.

If you are struggling to decide how to update your home’s bathrooms without breaking the bank, here are a few ways to make the most out of your bathroom renovations.

Repair the Plumbing

Plumbing problems are major red flags for buyers because water damage can be so dangerous. Whether you have a drippy faucet or a serious clog, you should get that sorted before you try to sell. Smaller pluming problems are easy enough for homeowners to handle. For instance, a drip is most often caused by an old O-ring, which can be replaced in less than a minute and cost less than a dollar. Similarly, clogs can usually be cleared up with a straightened wire hanger poked down the drain.

However, because it is easy to make plumbing problems worse, you might want to call in an expert if you feel uncertain in any way. In big cities like Atlanta and Detroit, there are many faucet repair services available to help you fix your minor plumbing problem fast.

Revamp the Vanity

If your bathroom vanity was cheap when it was first installed, you better believe it is going to look cheap to buyers today. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay for brand-new cabinets, countertops and sinks; with a little ingenuity, you can make your cheapo vanity look unique and chic.

Paint is most people’s first thought when hoping to reimagine cabinets, but painting cabinets well takes more work than you might expect. An easier solution — and one not many people think of — is covering your vanity in wallpaper. Wallpaper comes in all colors, patterns and textures. For larger vanities, you should try to remain close to neutral in your selection, but smaller vanities can sustain wilder looks. To finish the look, add new door and drawer pulls to match the wallpaper’s style.

You might also consider adding shelves or replacing certain parts of your vanity, depending on how different you want it to look. While this turns the job into a much larger project, it will surely improve the overall appearance of your bathroom. The good news is that you won’t have to do it all alone because you can bring a Chicago furniture assembly specialist into your home to come up with a plan. From there, all you have to do is relax while this contractor revamps your vanity without the time or expense of replacing it entirely.

Add Interest to the Walls

People spend time in bathrooms, and they should have something interesting to look at while they’re there. The fastest, cheapest option is to decorate the walls with art. By hanging dozens of different-sized frames on the walls, you can transform your water closet into a gallery that grabs and holds viewers’ interest. If you want a less personal and more classical style, you might consider installing wainscoting to the walls. This DIY is surprisingly easy and can revolutionize the look and feel of a small space.

Reconfigure Shower Doors

It isn’t worth your time or money to rip out the current shower and install something new. You can achieve a similar look by reimagining the shower entry. For instance, you can replace the old curtain rod with a new version, raise it to emphasize the height of the room and hang a clean, bright shower curtain to enhance the room’s style. Alternatively, you might install glass doors — but you should opt for a sleek, frameless kind that is easier to clean and less noisy to use.Increase the Storage

Here’s a universal truth: There is never enough storage in the bathroom. Thus, it is worthwhile to install more storage while you can. First, you should think about what types of items you wish you could keep in the bathroom, like spare towels, makeup, hair tools, robes etc. Then, devise an economical way to do so.

In smaller bathrooms, you’ll need to take advantage of your vertical space. A shelf or cabinet above the window or door might be a good idea. You can also use floating shelves in corners or above the toilet to achieve a chic look. In larger bathrooms, you can buy or build furniture like a bookcase or dresser to hold the items you need. Buyers always appreciate more storage, especially in spaces where storage is typically at a premium.

Rethink the Mirror

These days, framed mirrors are en-vogue, but that doesn’t mean you have to tear down the mirror currently adhered to your bathroom wall. Instead, you can make your own frame and attach it to the mirror in place. You can buy molding, tile and other decorations and affix them around your mirror using hot glue, caulk and other types of adhesive. The web has dozens of ideas for updating old, boring mirrors, so you should take advantage of the inspiration at your fingertips.