Smart Ways to Reuse Leftover Tiles

Smart Ways to Reuse Leftover Tiles

If you had a construction project done at home recently that left you with unused supplies such as tiles, you are probably wondering if they can be put to any use. When getting any kind of construction or renovation done at your residence, it is normal to have some leftover extra material that goes unused and unutilized completely. These materials usually end up in the trash with other discarded stuff.

If you have some leftover tiles you are thinking of throwing away, don’t do it! You will be surprised to know that there are so many great ways to use them around the house and make them look beautiful. Here are some smart ways to use leftover tiles:

  1. Coasters

Coasters are one of the most underrated but at the same time extremely useful household items. People do not realize how important they are as they are so regularly needed. If you have a glass or wooden tables and furniture, you will need them even more.

Moreover, coasters are quite expensive and finding the right size is often difficult. This problem can be addressed by making use of tiles to make coasters. You can do this by cutting them into any shapes and sizes you like. This should be done professionally though because it can be dangerous. Just make sure that the edges and corners are smoothed out so you may not cut your finger while using them.

  1. Trays

If you are someone who likes to make aesthetically-pleasing utensil choices and own household items that stand out from the rest, you are sure to appreciate this idea. You can use leftover tiles to make serving trays for your kitchen. This way, you can decide the size of the tray yourself according to your kitchen’s requirements as trays usually come in standard sizes that can sometimes be too big or too small. Also, you are free to choose the style, shape, and design of the tray. This customization option is not available in readymade trays. Tiles can be used for this purpose as they have a range of beautiful tiles in Canberra to choose from.

  1. Table Mats

Any tiles that are left spare can also be repurposed to be used in place of table mats. This will give an instant royal and elegant look to your table. The tiled table mats can be placed for every sitter at the table. They can provide a better dining experience as they are more concrete and sophisticated than normal mats.

Table mats are usually not available in too many designs or colors, making it difficult to choose the right ones for your dining area. Since tiles come in a variety of colors and designs, they can fulfill the purpose better. Moreover, you have to clean and wash table mats every now and then because they tend to get dirty quickly. However, tiled mats do not need to be washed or given time to dry off. They can be easily wiped with a wet cloth and you are good to go.

  1. Appliqué Wall

This is another great option for those who like to create unique and visually appealing areas in their homes. In order to create an appliqué wall, you do not even need whole or big tiles. In fact, you need unevenly cut tiles for the best results. You can create a feature wall or a section on your feature wall by using multiple tile pieces of different designs, shapes and sizes to make an appliqué wall of tiles.

If done right, it can look stunning as there will be a range of colors and a variety of tiles coming together to create the look. It is best to do this on a plain background like white, black or any other solid color for the appliqué to stand out. The technique is sure to give your wall a modern, artistic look and liven up your home.

  1. Picture Display

Another thing that can be done with leftover tiles is using them for a picture display. You simply have to attach pictures to the tiles and you end up with a nice display you can use anywhere around the house. This way, the tiles will play the role of photo frames.

You can create several picture displays like this and group them together to be placed in one area of the house. All the pictures can use the same tiles or you can use different shapes and sizes of tiles – it all depends on your preferences. This idea will take the idea of hanging pictures to the next level as they are likely to look more 3D and solid than normal frames. So, take out your pictures and start putting them on the tiles you love for a unique photo display!

  1. Planters

A creative way to use leftover tiles is to make planters. It is obviously quite challenging to put up tiles along with the shape of the pots as pots are usually curved or differently shaped but you can make a rectangular or square-shaped planter easily using tiles. All you need is ceramic glue and a few tiles in the same size and design. Assemble the tiles using glue in the shape of a planter and leave it to dry. Once it is completely dry, place your plant pot in it for a beautiful display of plants.

It is recommended to use the plant pot inside the planter as the tiled planter is likely to be heavy, making it difficult to take care of the plant inside it. This way, you can easily take out the pot, water the plant and place it back into the planter once you are done.

Final Word

In conclusion, if you have some leftover tiles from a project, do not throw them out as there are so many ways to make use of them and create masterpieces. The aforementioned ideas are quite practical and easy to implement. Try them out for yourself and you are sure to brighten up your home in more ways than you ever thought was possible using leftover tiles.