Solar Panel Protection: Don’t Let Pest Birds Ruin Your Solar Panel

Solar Panel Protection: Don’t Let Pest Birds Ruin Your Solar Panel


Haven’t you heard? Green is the new colour. Solar panels are an excellent investment that harvests the suns energy into a source of electricity. This not only serves to keep your electrical usage to a minimum while preventing the emission of greenhouse gasses, but also saves your money. A lesser-known detail is that solar panels are often vulnerable to damage by pests—specifically that of birds looking to roost.

Pests are a persistent problem that continues to grow regardless of the new technological discoveries’ mankind has made. It’s undeniable that following an installation a countdown for bird infestations would likely begin soon enough. Often remaining unmentioned by solar panel sellers is the imperative topic of solar panel protection, specifically the need for a solar panel bird mesh.

Let us take you through a little bit of what you need to know about solar protection against these critters.

How Do You Protect Your Investment?

You may wonder, “Why is this even an issue? They’re just birds and birds are everywhere”. Albeit being a true statement, the damage that can be caused by pest birds to your solar panel remains to be largely destructive, begging for the need of homeowners to consider options like solar panel bird mesh kit. Just like how we burrow under our blankets on a chilly night or find shelter against the blazing heat in the noon, small animals do the same thing—only under tiny spaces allowing for an unobstructed protection. Ideally, this space would be your solar panel so, here is a hint at what you’re up against:

  • A decrease in the net flow of air due to bird nests built undeath the panels. Soon enough, an accumulation of waste derived from the nesting materials, cracked eggs and deceased chicks may cause pent up heat around the solar arrays.
  • An overflow of this filth may then lead down to your gutters—making an appearance in your home, all in the span of a week.
  • Most birds travel in flocks, which means with the presence of one, there is more sure to come. So, it goes unsaid that the top of the panels would reflect a similar state of amassed bird droppings, which not only jeopardises the efficiency of the panels but also may pose a trouble to remove.
  • Also known to chew on any exposed wiring, malfunctions are likely to occur which would rack up electrical and reparation bills. Besides, it only takes a spark amidst the hoarded dried twigs or debris to present a fire hazard.

How You Can Humanely Pest-Proof Your Panels

Prevention is truly better than cure in this case. Nipping the problem at the bud by installing protective solar panel bird mesh kits are an ideal solution to infestation issues. Even in cases when the pest problem has gotten out of hand, your solar panels may still be salvageable—but only if appropriate measure are taken to prevent a future repetition. Solar panel bird meshes are essentially stainless-steel barriers used to block the access of the critters to the underneath of the solar panels. These barriers are typically tested for durability and would be able to easily withstand Australian weather without being compromised or destroyed.

Contact Professional Help

While proving to be an option that would be easier on one’s bank balance, instead of risking damage to your high-value investments, opt out of DIY-ing a protective barrier of your own. Leave it to the professionals who would be more than efficient in not only handling the matter at hand but also doing do without damage or voiding the panel warranty. As opposed to paying a hefty sum in replacing the whole solar panel due to stray scratches or unnecessary drilling, specialists would be able to install the meshes effectively without inducing wiring damage. While seemingly remaining invisible, meshes typically includes options for curved tiles as well.

However, if you find yourself solar panel cleaning services Brisbane, feel free to visit your local specialist for other choices that may prove worth looking into such as roof spikes. These trained individuals would ensure your top condition purchases remain functioning at this condition down the road.