Steps You Should Remember While Installing A Furnace Filter

Steps You Should Remember While Installing A Furnace Filter

Learning every component of your HVAC system could seem like an endless homework assignment, suggest experts at Furnace replacement Monroe County Michigan. However, one component of your furnace is simple to understand and maintain: the furnace filter. Your HVAC system runs more effectively when your furnace filter is changed annually, which can prolong the life of your HVAC system and even reduce heating bills. In addition, it’s a fantastic technique to improve the air quality in your house. Below are the steps that will explain installing a furnace filter.

Switching off the Furnace:

Find your thermostat, then turn the furnace off. If your thermostat is Wi-Fi enabled, depending on the type you have, you might be able to accomplish this from your phone. Simply turn off the thermostat on the wall if necessary.

Then, before changing the filter, locate the on/off switch near or on your furnace and turn that off. If you’re unsure where your furnace is, try looking in your basement or a utility closet.

Locate the Spot Where the Furnace Filter Is.

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The primary service panel, which is typically located close to the base of your HVAC unit, is likely close to or inside the blower compartment, where the filter is most frequently found.

Try to find a flat, plastic, or metal container you can open with your fingers. If you become stuck, a quick web search or peek at your furnace’s manual can inform you where the blower is. Before continuing, you should determine the filter’s size if necessary.

Get Rid of the Old Filter

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Remove the previous filter. The filter will typically just slide out with your fingertips in most situations. However, if the space is limited or the filter is jammed, use the flathead screwdriver to pry it out. When removing the old filter, you might also wish to wear a mask if you have allergies.

Verify the Direction of the Furnace Filter Airflow.

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Take note of the furnace’s airflow direction. The blower motor’s air intake is on the side with the fibrous tissue. It’s critical to install your replacement filter in the same manner since dirt and particles get caught here before entering the blower motor.

A backward filter won’t capture dirt and particles as well and can eventually reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system. Fortunately, it’s simply because most filters have arrows on the side that faces the air intake.

The arrow side should be facing the direction in that air will enter your device. If it helps, designate which side of your old filter is the intake side with a marker.


Finally, you can begin installing your furnace filter. First, unpack the new filter while leaving the old one aside. Make sure the arrows are where they should be and point in the same direction as the old filter. After inserting it, cover the service panel with the cap. You can now turn the furnace back on.