Storage Space Solutions That Make Money

Storage Space Solutions

Many apartment building owners struggle to find high-quality, affordable storage space solutions that will add value and security to their complexes. If only they knew where to look. With all of the chaos that has been happening around the country these days, this article might just be the best news that property owners have heard in a long time.

Storage Bins Are an Asset

In a multifamily apartment that houses a large number of tenants, there will always be a need for more storage. People buy things that they swear that they will use one day. Until that day comes, they will store it somewhere. When you have a whole community full of people like that, you have a great opportunity to invest in a solution that will provide great looking, secure storage bins. This is the kind of storage solution that many tenants would be happy to pay a little extra for each month. It keeps their things safe and puts money in the property owner’s pocket. What better solution could there be?

Space Saving Storage Solutions

There are countless landlords that don’t even realize the amount of space that they have just sitting there that could be put to use. One good example of this is the space over the hoods of vehicles in the parking garage. Would you believe there is actually a  type of storage bins that are made specifically to fit there! Over the hood storage solutions are making an enormous impact on tenants and property owners all around the country. Not only are the storage boxes secure and sturdy, but they take up virtually zero space.  They can be placed along the wall of the garage at the head of the parking space, side by side along a row of parking spaces. When the tenants park their vehicles, they can pull under the storage boxes allowing the box to be directly over the hood and the legs of the storage container on the sides of the vehicle. The height of the legs is adjustable so all cars and SUVs, and even most trucks can fit under them.

Parking Garages are Safer With Storage Bins

Whenever people don’t have enough space to store all of their belongings, many of them try to get creative and store their things in various places that like on the ground near their parking space. Usually, this is in front of their vehicle. If all of the tenants do this, it can be an eyesore and also attract thieves. This whole issue could easily be avoided by implementing a set of over the hood storage bins. With proper storage in place, there will not be a need to pile unused property in the parking spaces out in the open for all to see. When there is less to be stolen in plain sight, there will be fewer people creeping around to steal things.


It is probably safe to assume that every property owner is in the property business to make money. At the end of the day, an extra significant source of income is a win. By installing a secure set of storage bins or storage boxes, you take care of two problems at once. First, you generate more money and have a greater cash flow. Second, you relieve crime and eyesores while providing your tenants with safe, reasonable storage solutions. This is a win-win for everybody.