Strategies Need to Amplify to Secure Garage Doors and Windows

Strategies Need to Amplify to Secure Garage Doors and Windows

Automatic garage doors make getting into and out of the garage easy and convenient. The downside to these doors is that they’re an issue that is often overlooked when the topic of security for your home is raised. Electric garage doors come by a safety lever allows you to pull it down in order to unlock the garage by hand. This lever lets you unlock the door in the event of power outages when the automated mechanism is unavailable. Utilizing simple tools like hangers and sticks that have hooks it is possible to push the lever downwards and raise the garage door.

You aren’t the only person who understands how this system works. Question in mind how to secure a garage door the garage is one of the most vulnerable places to gain access to a house. They also consider it to be one of the most neglected areas of the house. This is strange considering that people store lots of their possessions in the garage. To stop intruders from having access to your house it is advisable to improve security and update the security for your garage. Check out these simple and inexpensive ways to improve the security of your garage.

Replacement of Doors Remote

Criminals will know you keep your remote in a bulky place on your car’s visor. Instead of putting it in the car you should bring the remote wherever you travel. If you find it difficult it is possible to eliminate that heavy remote, and substitute it for a smaller one that can be programmed to secure using pin codes. If you misplace the remote, you’ll be able to turn it off to block out anyone who would gain entry to the home. Select a compact and convenient model that is easy to carry around, or even slip into your wallet, such as keys or a keychain card.

Set Up Emergency Alarm or Lever

Since burglars already know how to get into garages by using coat hangers, it is recommended to remove this feature from your emergency plan completely. After this feature has been removed it reduces the chance of burglary. However, you should take note that you lose the ability to use this feature, even in the event of an emergencies. Always ensure that you have your remote along and do not leave it outside the house, as you won’t be able to enter.

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Using Elastic Zip Tie

If you wish to keep your emergency release lever’s purpose while making sure that thieves aren’t able to use the bypass technique, make use of an elastic zip tie to secure the arm from disengaging on the door opener with an automatic mechanism. The emergency lever is able to be pulled out if the proper quantity of force is used. A strong yank will break the zip ties, allowing the garage to be entered.

Block the View

Don’t allow strangers and criminals access to your home by providing them with a peek into your garage’s contents. Make sure your doors and windows are made of frosted glass so as to stop snooping into your home and disrupting your privacy. If you have glass windows, make sure you cover them with blinds or drapes that are heavy to stop burglars from “window buying”. Install window bars on each one to provide additional security. Although they might be able to break through the glass or pry the windows off however, burglars won’t be able to break through by using window bars.