Stunning Fireplace Makeover Ideas From As Little as £20!

Stunning Fireplace Makeover Ideas From As Little as £20!

It is estimated that more than one million homes within the UK have a fireplace. Some are near 100 year old. It’s no surprise that some fireplaces may have become a part of the home that is rarely used. For this reason we have put together some of the most incredible makeover ideas to truly give your fireplace the breath of fresh air that it deserves.

A fireplace makeover doesn’t have to break the bank. Our ideas start from as little as £20! Making it as cheap as chips to have sprinkle some life into your fire.

A fresh Coat of Paint

I’m really not lying when I said you can truly transform the appearance of your fireplace from as little as £20! Head on down to your local DIY store and pick up a tin of paint. Make sure that you choose a colour that blends in with the existing living space effortlessly. This ensures that your fireplace aesthetics will be taken to the next level. Not only will it improve the appearance of your fireplace but it will also ensure that your living space achieves that contemporary style that you have always dreamt about.

A Firewood Display

There is just something so unique about the look of chopped wood sat next to the fireplace. It creates a sense of natural beauty within any living space. This makeover idea is simple, take a nice wooden box and tip it on its side. Creating the perfect container for storing all of your firewood while allowing it to display its beauty to the rest of the living space. Sometimes the best way to change the appearance of your fireplace is to change the environment surrounding it.

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Folwage Rapped Fireplace

Keeping with the theme of natural beauty, fowlage is a great way to give your old fireplace a second life. By surrounding the fireplace with your favorite plants you will be able to create the rustic appearance that you can enjoy for many years to come. Something to bear in mind, it may be a good idea to employ artificial plants as you don’t want to be replacing the fowlage every couple days.

Create A Stylish Border

Decorating your fireplace with a stylish border may sound simple but you can make this as quick or complex as you desire. By creating a border to the fireplace you can hide all of the ash that has built up over the years while displaying the beauty of the fire with minimal disturbance. The best part of this idea is you can tailor this to meet your specific design requirements.

illuminate The Fireplace In All Its Glory

One of the best ways to provide your fireplace with a full makeover at an affordable price is by using some pretty little fairy lights. You can use the lights to surround the fireplace and give it that glow that brightens up the entire room. There are such a wide range of different fairy lights out there on the market so investing in a design which matches the rest of your living space is essential.

Replacing Your Old Fireplace

Sometimes a makeover isn’t going to cut it. As your fireplace can up to 100 years old it may be time to replace it for a much newer model. Everyone loves the mother created when a wood burning fireplace is cracking away in the background so if you no longer use your fireplace for whatever reason it may be time to look into a new model. If you are looking for a fireplace in harrogate then you don’t need to travel far. There are many locally based fireplace companies which have the range, experience and expertise to have you sit in front of a stunning new fireplace in no time.