Summer Irrigation Maintenance Tips And Tricks

Summer is finally upon us, and that means higher temperatures, longer daylight hours, and lower to nonexistent rates of precipitation. While this is great for people, and means more beach days and fun in the sun, plants and greenery usually suffer during this season especially when not taken care of properly. Because of prolonged sun exposure, flora has a tendency of drying out during this time, and we all know how difficult it is to revive your lawn into the lush greenery it was during the spring was if it gets to this point. If you’re worried about this, it may be a good idea to invest in an irrigation system with an automatic timer, which will not only make it convenient for you to keep your lawn in tiptop shape this summer, but will also cut down on water costs since you won’t have to use an impractical hose to water your plants in these hot months.

How Do You Maintain an Irrigation System?

If you’re new to irrigation systems, it may be daunting to think about installation and maintenance of lawn sprinkler systems. But it’s actually easier than you think! Once everything is installed and set as according to your specifications, you only need to check your sprinkler heads once every week, or twice a month, to ensure that everything is in good condition and working properly. This is important especially if your sprinkler heads are not pop-up ones that recede into the ground once the watering cycle is done. These types are easily susceptible to blunt damage from cars, bikes, and even people, which means that it’s important to check if they are still in functioning condition and do not need replacing or repairing. Aside from this, check if there is dirt or mulch blocking the sprinkler heads! These can compromise the water flow and prevent much needed H20 from getting to your lawn.

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Pay attention to your lawn and turf as well! You can set the duration of the watering cycle in most irrigation systems, but you should keep an eye on how your lawn is looking – if it’s not looking lush and green, you may need to lengthen the watering cycle a bit more.

How Do You Water Your Lawn in the Summer?

Consult your local council for your watering days, and set your automatic timer accordingly! You can set the days, times, and for how long your watering cycles will run for. It’s recommended to water lawns before 10AM, when the temperature is still cool and the sun isn’t at its peak. This prevents too much evaporation and ensures that most of the water from the sprinklers gets to the turf, thereby cooling it down for the hotter parts of the day in the later hours. If you don’t want to water in the morning however, late afternoon is a good alternative!

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