Take Advantage Of Our Franchise Painting Business Opportunities

As a franchisee, you’re going to be more than a business owner. You’ll build a company powered by providing value and service. With your profits, you’ll share some of your earnings through our social enterprise program, which means you’re giving back to your community by taking advantage of our franchise painting business opportunities.

We focus on high-end painting jobs for both residential and commercial clients. We paint both interiors and exteriors and serve as a contracting service provider. Our work is driven by love, integrity, mission, and excellence. Additionally, we offer consistent and high-quality painting as well as custom coatings and restoration solutions.

To build a strong business model, we first listened to what our customers needed and what they didn’t like about painting contractors. Our model is solution-driven, and we focus solely on high-end homes and businesses. This has built a niche that does not have much competition from other painting companies.

Painting Business

No matter the scope of the work, we can take it on. It may be new construction, remodeling, or just repainting. Whatever it is, we are ready and equipped to take on extensive jobs and complete them within the customer’s time frame and within their budgets.

Each job begins with a personal consultation with an expert from our company. This empowers clients to make the right decision about their building and what is best for them. Our estimates are customized recommendations. No jobs are the same, and we offer 15 services to clients to make sure that they get everything that they need.

We manage the entire process from beginning to end with clear and direct communication from our clients. So your future clients know that they will have a solid relationship with you throughout the project. Twenty percent of our clients return within a year, and our customer membership program offers them perks that will make them want to return to us for every painting job they need done.

Franchise Painting Business

The Denver market brought in over $2.1 million in gross revenue in 2017, so there is plenty of work to be done in our markets. With our 15 revenue streams, you can bring in more revenues on each job. Each job is three times the industry average, so you’re likely to bring in good money on each job. Since we cater to only the luxury market, there is very little competition. Also, we offer a mobile-based platform to learn more about how your business is doing, which helps you grow your business even more.

You can be up and running within 30 to 90 days, and you can start your business for just $90,000. Our franchise painting business opportunities abound. Contact us today!