Ten Signs You Need to Know to Get Your Home Drains Repaired Quickly

Ten Signs You Need to Know to Get Your Home Drains Repaired Quickly

Drains are an important part of your house structure. They help take away all the used water from the entire house, leaving space for more water to come. You would not want something – such as a kidney stone – stuck into your kidneys and block the passage of toxins, now would you? If your drains are not well maintained and cleaned properly, then they can cause you a lot of trouble and pain. All the sinks in your house will be overflowing with dirty water, and it will cause stinky smell in the entire house.

Almost everyone in their house has faced some kind of drain problems. It is not hard to keep your house drains clean and functioning. however, No matter how mindful you are with what you put down your drains, there is always something that gets the drains blocked. Though, sometimes it is almost impossible to notice the problem your home’s drains are going through until they are big enough to be visible and noticeable.

Here are the ten signs which you must know, to get your drain repair in time to avoid any big disaster:

  1. Weird Noises

Gurgling sounds are often ignored. Always shrugged away as ‘not alarming’, and are ignored. The sounds coming from under the drains are a cry for help. Instead of shrugging this concern away, you must pay keen attention to resolve it. Either has a look or call a professional to go in-depth of the matter and find out what is blocking your drain and why is water building up in your sink.

  1. Stubborn Water

Have you been noticing the stubborn behavior of the water refusing to go down the drains in kitchen sinks or toilet bowls? Well, this is an alarm. Water gets stuck and instead of draining, it starts accumulating in the sink because of drain problems. Your drains in your house can have deposits of dirt on their walls, or filled with clogging material such as hair, paper, etc. stuck inside it. Whatever the reason, always remember that if your drains are healthy, water should not refuse to go down. If it does, well you need to seek some professional help to unclog the drains.

  1. Over Flowing

Overflowing is the most frustrating outcome of a blocked drain. It is extremely harmful to the health of the inhabitants of a place plagued with drain issues. Overflowing occurs because of drain failure and should be attended immediately. Sometimes, overflowing is so small that it is ignored. But soon the blockage in the drain will increase resulting in overflowing of sinks and toilets. This will make the daily chores impossible, and sometimes, even living. Additionally Kitchen and bathroom sink overflow can attract bacteria and viruses. This may be harmful to the people, especially kids living in that home.

  1. Foul Smell

Often as a result of overflowing sinks, foul smell appears which is also quite alarming. The foul smell is one of the first signs of clogged drains. It is a result of waste accumulation inside the drains and improper draining and can have a serious impact on the daily lives of the members of your house.

  1. Puddling in the Yard

Have you stopped chilling in your backyard because of the water accumulation and puddling? That is because your drains are causing it. When the drains are facing some kind of blockage, they stop draining the used water and result in overflow of sinks and toilets. Similarly, water accumulating in the yard or puddling in the yard is also a sign of a blocked drain in your yard.

  1. Excessive Use of Liquid Cleaners

Have you been spending almost half of your budget on liquid cleaners because of the foul smell and water backing up from the drains? Your drains need professional help. Liquid cleaners do nothing but only take the problem away for a short time. The root cause of the problem is something else, and it cannot be fixed with the use of liquid cleaners.

  1. Slow Draining of Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks

The most common sign of a blocked drain is that it is not draining the sink water properly. Now, it can either be a slow process like slow sinks or, like overflowing. The reason could be anything, and it is better to seek professional help to diagnose the problem. However, you can also give your house drains a quick treatment to get rid of the problem.

  1. Fruit Flies

Are you wondering where did an entire army of fruit flies appear to attack your house overnight? They are a result of the blocked drains. Fruit flies often result from dirt, and when the drains become clogged or dirty, they provide every reason to appear. They can be a real pain, from attacking your kitchen to the bathroom and even managing to sneak into the bedroom. Once you get your drains fixed, you would be surprised at how fast they disappear, like they were never there in the first place.

  1. Frequent Clogs

Clogs result from poor maintenance of the drains. The reason is obvious, the accumulation of dirt. However, if you believe you are considerate enough about things you pass into the drains, there might be some external factors which have caused damage to your drains. Regardless of the reason, clogs are preventable and can be easily overcome. However, if they keep reoccurring, you might want to seek professional help to get the drains checked properly and repaired.

10.Tree Roots

Tree roots are ingrown plants that sneak into the drain pipes through small fissures and cracks. Because of the abundance of water and certain minerals inside he drain pipes, tree roots miss no chance to invade the sewerage pipes and clog them. They not only clog the drains but can also lead to their permanent damage by exerting pressure and bursting them. Tree roots are most hidden of all drain evils, and not easily noticeable. However, to keep them out of your drains, a monthly check is necessary. And if spotted, they should be immediately removed.


Drain problems can make your life miserable if not attended promptly. Because who wants a sink full of dirty water flowing onto the kitchen floor! Besides making the daily chores impossible, failing drains can make living in your own house a hell. Hence, to keep yourself away from drain trouble, do a regular check. You can also set a schedule to maintain and look after your drains. However, if you do notice any of the aforementioned signs, do not ignore them and get your drains repaired quickly.