The Beauty Of Outdoor Lighting

The Beauty Of Outdoor Lighting

The lighting market in the United States made approximately $40 million this year and it is predicted to grow more between today and 2025. The estimated $118 revenue per capita in the U.S. stems from its most obvious reason -the need for lighting whether it is indoors or outdoors. While the $40 million includes both indoor and outdoor lighting, the latter is now just as important for most American homes as it improves property value and also keeps thieves at bay.

Lighting That Make A Difference

Getting an experienced electrician is always a good idea when installing new outdoor lights and this is whether you want lighting that will highlight your beautiful garden or the architectural features of your home. Installing exterior fixtures can be daunting though as it will require installation on the side of your house or in your garage. For those with large gardens, your lights will need to be wired underground for them to illuminate pathways and the garden itself.

Before anything else, however, you will need to get a landscape lighting plan, one that is both functional and adds beauty to your house’s surroundings. A plan will help you choose the right lights for pathways, bushes, steps, and even tall trees.

Increase Your Home’s Property Value

Making your home look inviting and beautiful will improve its value, according to property experts. Curb appeal matters in this case and homeowners are encouraged to improve this appeal. Are you wondering as to how much increase exterior lights will bring in terms of your property’s value? According to several studies, said fixtures can increase your home’s property value by approximately 20%. This is huge! The National Association of Home Builders also says that those who are planning to sell their homes will benefit from this as 90% of buyers usually choose properties with desirable exteriors.

Lights That Protect Your Home

There were 7.2 million property crimes in the United States in 2018 and many of them were burglaries – something that many homeowners are afraid of. While lighting fixtures are often considered as enhancements or home improvements, they also play an important role in keeping burglars at bay. Well-lit exteriors deter criminals from going near homes especially if lights are installed in the right spots. These lights will also make things easier for your neighbors to monitor what is going on outside of your door when you are not home.

The Beauty Of Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting also has a psychological effect on homeowners as those who have these fixtures feel safer whenever they come home. It is also a lot easier for you to get inside your house as you won’t have to rely on your cellphone’s light anymore to find your keys. Aside from these, well-lit entryways will also deter criminals from coming near you as no criminal would want to be seen by anyone nearby.

If you are keen on protecting your home especially when you are on holiday, you can take a look at motion sensor light options in addition to lights that are meant to highlight the beauty of your house or yard.

Different Fixtures To Choose From

Your home’s exterior likely has the following: pathways, a back deck, a garden or a yard, and a porch. All of these need lighting and you and your electrician will need to determine what types of light should be placed in these areas. Your landscape lighting plan should be able to provide you with the answers but if you have not done the plan yet, you can take a look at the tips below.

Sconces, for example, make beautiful entry and pathway lights as they give off an inviting glow. You can also opt for a single post light or hanging fixtures. Beautiful lantern lights or pendant lights are always good choices for seating areas in your backyard or your front porch. You can add step lights too if there is no room for other types of fixtures. Step lights will give your home a tidy and organized look.

If you are wondering what type of light you should incorporate in your garage, you can browse for recessed lights. These will not only illuminate this part of the house but will also make it easier for you to park your car in your driveway at night.