The Benefits Of An Insulated Garage Door

The Benefits Of An Insulated Garage Door

Most garage doors are not made with insulation or thermal efficiency in mind – it is often overlooked as an area for potential insulation. However, garage doors are the only space in your home that often endures dramatic changes in temperatures, as well as heat and energy loss. This makes your garage doors a weak link in your home’s thermal envelope.

To curb this problem, homeowners are now opting to insulate their garage doors to keep heating and cooling costs down, as well as protect their valuables. Insulated garage doors are filled with an energy-efficient thermal break that separates the panel’s interior and exterior skins. This reduces thermal transmission and helps keep cooled or heated air and hot or cold air out. In addition, the gaps between your garage doors, frame, and panels are all sealed to prevent air from leaking in or out of your garage.

Many people are unaware that insulated garage doors not only minimise heat loss but also provide several other benefits. In this article, we discuss what insulation for garage doors can do for your home.

Energy Savings and Efficiency

One of the main benefits of insulation for garage doors is saving on your energy bills. A common misconception most homeowners adopt is that maintaining moderate indoor temperatures would be possible just by keeping their home and garage doors closed. However, it is not true as air leakage from the cracks and corners of the doors would still disrupt the regulation of interior temperature.

This can potentially increase your electricity bills but also take a toll on the health and well-being of your family members, as your home will be susceptible to hot and cold air entering the common areas. A well-insulated garage door will save you money in the long run and ensure optimum thermal efficiency.

Furthermore, because your energy bill is lower, your environmental impact too can be reduced. Insulation is one of the most energy-efficient ways to mediate the temperature of your home. Greater energy efficiency means a lesser carbon footprint.

Silent Operation

An insulated garage door will significantly reduce noise and perform much quieter. The sound of rattles and creaks is less likely to come through due to the additional padding and strength that is offered by the insulation.

With a smooth garage door operation, you will not need to worry about the possibility of any jarring noises waking or disturbing your family and neighbours as you enter and leave your home. The silent operation also allows you to easily identify if there are any issues with your chains, rollers, hinges, or springs as any sounds of garage door malfunction will be obvious.

Durability and Strength

As a result of the additional panels and extra support in an insulated garage door – typically composed of steel and aluminium – your door will be more durable when compared to its uninsulated counterparts. The reinforcement offered by these single or dual planes could withstand damages that may be caused by vehicles, children, or even the climate. Both sturdy and lightweight, you can be assured that these doors would be long-lasting.

Noise Reduction

An insulated garage door will result in increased noise reduction. Similar to soundproofing a room, insulated garage doors act as a sound barrier that muffles outside noises. Whether you want to block out noise from the outside or prevent noise from escaping, insulation will reduce it either way. Homeowners can now enjoy peaceful and comforting days at home without being affected by the sound of the howling wind or cars driving by. This advantage is especially helpful if there are rooms located directly above or adjacent to the garage.

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Comfort and Convenience

Many people use their garages for more than just storage and parking area. You might work out there or use it for arts and crafts or other hobbies. Even if you do not, you might still need to move groceries, children, pets, and other family members through the garage daily. You can keep the buffer zone between your home and the outdoors a lot warmer or colder by insulating your garage doors to avoid temperature loss.

Asset Protection

An uninsulated garage may help to keep away intruders, animals, or pests – but this is as far as the protection goes. When the cold weather or heat seeps through, you might not only risk your vehicles from the inconsistent temperature but also the rest of the stored items.

Cold weather conditions affect your car’s tire pressure, fluids, battery life, wiring systems and more. An insulated garage door can extend the life of your car and keep it running smoothly when it might otherwise break down. Paint, fertilisers, motor oil and cleaning supplies also stay in good condition longer without exposure to the elements.

Insulated garage doors can also prevent moisture buildup in your garage. A drier garage has less mould, so it is safer to store clothing and paper items such as photographs. Although it is not recommended to use your garage for long-term storage, an insulated door can create a temporary storage area for delicate belongings. No matter what you keep in the garage, it will be better off if your garage doors are insulated.

Choose Quality Insulation For Your Garage Doors

Now that you are aware that having an insulated garage door makes a difference, it is time to make the right choice in choosing quality insulation for your doors. Make sure to do your research and reach out to experienced professionals who install and service high-quality insulated garage doors in Adelaide.