The Benefits Of Sash Window Restoration

The Benefits Of Sash Window Restoration

An important part of a double-glazed window is the sashes. They are needed to hold the glass in the required position. The sashes are quite durable but they deform over time. This can be caused by increased moisture levels, dirt getting into cracks, and many other reasons. In such cases you may need sash windows repair.

New windows don’t need special maintenance, it is enough to remove the dirt and paint the wooden frames from time to time. So you will be able to extend the lifespan of the glass unit.

Improve Energy Efficiency At Home

Houses built many years ago often use single glazing. It is very cold in such buildings in winter. Heating of rooms requires more electricity, so utility bills increase significantly.

If it is necessary to replace timber windows, specialists will install perfectly fitted glass units, which will increase energy efficiency of the house. If you choose double glazing, the space between panes is filled with argon gas or other gas, which contributes to better heat retention in the building.

Keep Your Home Noise Free

Old doors let street noises in. To improve sound insulation, you should think about the restoration of your sash windows. It is enough to replace the windows with new ones if you don’t want to hear:

  • car engines roar;
  • animals;
  • children screaming outside.

You will notice that the noise level will be significantly reduced, while the aesthetics will improve. Double glazing will ensure a comfortable stay in your house.

Sash Window

To Protect Your Home’s Interior

Any windows let the sun’s rays into the room. Over time, this leads to the furniture colour fading, as well as carpets and other interior elements. Items made of natural materials quickly fade and lose their nice looks.

It’s easier and cheaper to replace wooden windows than completely renovate the interior. To avoid ultraviolet rays, it is enough to choose glasses that block the flow of sunlight into the rooms.

New windows will look great both in modern houses and buildings of historical value. At the same time, the cost of the house will not change, because the double-glazed window will perfectly fit into the exterior.