The Benefits of Vinyl Windows for Your House


Do you think of replacing your old and worn-out windows? Or maybe you just want to increase the sale value of your house by installing new and energy-efficient units? That is the right decision. But which units will fit you best?

We have contacted Ecoline, window and door replacement experts from Canada, and concluded that Vinyl windows are considered the top pick among homeowners. Interested why? Keep reading!

What are Vinyl Windows?

Analyzing the window market, you will find many types of windows – wood, aluminum, or Vinyl. But it basically means that the framing of these windows is composed of those materials. Therefore, a vinyl window is the one where the frame is made up of Vinyl.

Vinyl or Poly-Vinyl Chloride is mixed with additives that allow it to be molded into window frames for better thermal performance.

Why is Vinyl Frame So Popular?

Vinyl is one of the most popular window frames available today because it offers many different benefits. Vinyl is a durable material that requires less maintenance than a traditional wood frame and provides better energy efficiency so that you can save on your home heating bills! There are also several other significant advantages to Vinyl.

  • Energy Efficiency

Vinyl windows are not only beautiful but also offer better energy efficiency than other frames. The advanced thermal pane in Vinyl means that your home will stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer – saving you money!

  • Weather Resistance

Unlike a traditional wooden frame that is susceptible to rot and decay over time, vinyl frames do not absorb moisture, so they are durable and resistant to weather.

  • Reduced Maintenance

Vinyl frames are easy to clean, so you can spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying your home! Features that add the beauty of wood without the risk of decay or rot, vinyl windows will be a great investment in your house value.

  • Durability

Wooden window frames get worn out from the sun and/or water exposure. They rot, warp, swell and shrink depending on humidity levels. This not only looks bad but also reduces energy efficiency because of gaps in seals that allow cold air to escape or heat to enter your home. Vinyl is more durable than wood because it doesn’t shrink, swell or warp.

  • Aesthetics

Vinyl comes in hundreds of colours and finishes, so you don’t have to worry about it not blending with the siding on your home- which can be especially important if you live next door to someone who isn’t a fan of the colour you’re using.

Alternatives to Vinyl

If you are still not sure whether to go with Vinyl windows, here is the list of popular alternatives with their pros and cons.

Fibreglass Windows

Fibreglass is stronger than any of the traditional materials. It has an excellent insulation factor that prevents heat from escaping through the home’s exterior glass walls since it is an excellent insulator. Fibreglass is also much less likely to warp or buckle, which gives them a longer lifespan and better durability than their counterparts.


  • Fibreglass frames are stronger and more durable than wood or other materials
  • It will not bow, warp or crack like wood, so it is less likely to need repairs
  • The fibreglass frame can be made in many different colours with a variety of textures and patterns, so there are no worries about the window looking bland like traditional wood (though they come in a variety of colours).


  • Expensive
  • Fibreglass is heavier and thicker, which can cause additional installation work and fewer aesthetics.

Wooden Windows

Choosing the Right Window Type for Your Home: Wood vs Vinyl - ProBuilt Homes, Inc.

Wooden windows are the live classic. Many homeowners still prefer this material to add value and elegance to their homes.


  • Wood frames are more traditional and classic, so they will add a lovely aesthetic to your house
  • Wood frames are durable and will last many years if taken care of properly.


  • Wood frames are worse when it comes to energy efficiency compared to other materials
  • These windows must be painted or stained every few years to maintain the original look
  • Windows with wooden frames are the much more costly units if compared to Vinyl or other materials.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum frames are not the most popular pick among homeowners but still have their own pros to bring to the table.


  • It is not necessary to paint or stain aluminum frames, so they’re very cost-effective
  • Aluminum windows can last for decades with little maintenance needed because they are durable and won’t warp or crack from moisture or temperature changes.


  • The frames are heavy, which can be a problem if the windows are to fit smaller walls
  • Aluminum windows can be expensive because they need to be custom ordered and require more work on installation
  • Aluminum frames can rust over time if they’re not maintained properly.


When you’re shopping for a new window, you might be overwhelmed with different options. But if you are looking for a middle ground solution, consider getting vinyl windows. Vinyl windows have many benefits that put them over wooden or other frames.

They are less likely to warp or rot; come in an array of colours so they can match the exterior of any house; are easy to maintain with just soap and water every few months, and are energy efficient. In addition, you get almost a lifetime warranty!