The Best Kitchen Trends to Look Out For in 2020

The Best Kitchen Trends to Look Out For in 2020

Designing or even just redesigning your kitchen is no small task. In a way it is sort of a financial investment already because of how much money you would put in, especially if it is a completely new room in a new house. You also have to make sure that you get the best value for your money down to the very last small detail that you put in because that kitchen should last you for a really long time. That is why it is really important to actually think about what you prefer, what you need, what you would like to have so that you would already have the kitchen of your dreams. Since you would be spending a lot of money on it, why not turn it into something that you would really love right? A kitchen is no ordinary room in your home. It is where you would spend a lot of your time with family and friends, and it is a place of nourishment, especially when you are tired. Aside from the functionality and warmth that you get from a kitchen layout, the design also plays a vital role in mood setting. If you are looking for the best kitchen design ideas for 2020, then continue to read on to know more.

Smart Storage

Decluttering became a fast-growing trend in the past two years. Whether it is for old stuff that you no longer need, an old space you are trying to liven up again, or a new space you are trying to create, smart storage solutions would be your best friend this year and the next more to come. This trend would surely not go away any time soon, especially in the kitchen where you need a lot of stuff every single day! It does not only apply to where you put your kitchen appliances, equipment, and tools. The real solution this is trying to solve is helping with storage for ingredients, groceries, and basically every small detail in your kitchen from that smallest piece of saltshaker up to a huge box of cereal you are having for breakfast.

Colour Theory is Key

Colour plays a big role in setting any room’s mood. As always, monochromatic colour schemes are still in because of its elegance, simplicity and minimalism. Monochrome kitchens look really clean, sleek and elegant. But it is important to note that black is gradually overtaking whites and earth tones when it comes to the kitchen each year. If a monochromatic scheme is just not your taste, you can opt for a two-toned finishing just so you could keep it simple and minimalistic but at the same time, add a pop of colour to give it a modern and contemporary feel. A contrasting shades colour scheme is slowly gaining popularity among homeowners because of how it adds depth and character to the kitchen.

Thinking Outside The Box 

There is no better way to start this year than to think out of the box. While traditional kitchen design lovers would disagree, it is quite okay to mix, match and blend different kinds of pieces of furniture and equipment into your kitchen. You could add touches of an industrial style through your furniture pieces to add metallic tones and a different texture to your kitchen. In fact, you could also go on ahead and cross your living room furnishings and bring it to your kitchen. This is perfect, especially if you have an open floor layout. Being the heart of any home, it is important to make your kitchen a truly comfortable and warm space to be in. That is why it is a no brainer that some people are opting to use living room essentials inside the kitchen as well.

Design Experts

The ones mentioned are only very few of the best trends to look out for this year. It may be a little bit overwhelming to go through, and you might have too many ideas to compile that you only end up with a headache and a very messy design. If you are unsure of how you want to put all of the pieces together, you could seek the help of the expert designers from Roman Kitchens to help you get started. The best part about their services is that once you visit them in their showroom, you could get an initial design and quotation prepared free of charge. So, moving forward, if you realise that you do not have the budget to continue with them, you can opt to do so without damages. But that would hardly happen because of how talented they are, and not to mention how affordable their services are.