The Difference Between Skylights And Rooflights

The Difference Between Skylights And Rooflights

The distinction between the phrases Rooflights and Skylights and each term’s technical definition can be difficult for homeowners to make. Because it is unknown which type is best and most appropriate for their home, selecting which one to install can be challenging.

Even if there are differences between rooflights and skylights, both have the same objective: to let more natural light into a particular space in the house. Adding natural light to a place has several advantages, including making it look more attractive, improving the well-being of any residents, and reducing energy expenses.

To assist you in understanding the difference between rooflights and skylights and choosing the best choice for your house, we have put together the guide below.

How Do Rooflights Work?

Rooflights are glass units normally located within flat roofs or, if built on a sloped roof, out of a plane with the tile level. When installed on flat roofs, rooflights frequently employ a curb system to provide adequate height for water to drain off. These windows come in a vast range of styles to help brighten and complement the decor of any room in the house.

Without first requesting planning approval, rooflights are a terrific method to bring more natural light to a space. It is due to the consensus that rooflights do not require the building’s overall look to change.

What Do Skylights Do?

While customized units put on flat roofs can also be referred to as skylights, windows built on conventional-style pitched roofs are more frequently referred to as skylights. Depending on the roof they are built on, these glazed components are frequently very diverse, which is why the phrase “skylight” is frequently seen as being quite general.

To fulfill the needs of a wide variety of homeowners, skylights come in a variety of various styles. This type of window lets in a lot of natural light and is frequently equipped with an electric motor to help the space breathe.

Types Of Skylight And Rooflight

Since there is such a wide range of rooflight and skylight options, it is simple to fit them to any existing interior or external look. Typically, the most well-liked looks are:

1. Rooftop Lanterns

Roof lanterns are a fantastic way to update any home or business building and may help enliven a space. You may meet any building’s requirements by adapting this modern roofing type.

2. Walk On Rooflights.

This kind of rooflight is frequently used on terraces with plenty of pedestrians. The units are reinforced while still letting a lot of natural light into a space and were built with this in mind.

A Guide to Roof and Ceiling Skylight Windows Glass Genius

3. Opening Rooflights.

A room can be brightened and ventilated by rooflights, but by only opening up to a certain amount, you can keep the temperature under control. When a window just needs a modest opening and roof access is not necessary, this type of high quality skylight is ideal.

4. Electric Rooflights.

Electric rooflights are the ideal option to provide brightness and ventilation to a space. Electric hinges make it possible to operate these windows from a panel or remote, making them perfect for placement on high, difficult-to-reach ceilings.

5. Sliding Rooflights

A mechanism in sliding rooflights allows the window to sustain its weight, doing away with the need for tracks. Because the rooflight can be opened, the space is flooded with natural light and fresh air.

6. Sun Tubes

Sun tubes are made to distribute natural light into even the smallest rooms, making them ideal for difficult settings. Reflective tubing is a trendy way to add light to any area since it helps to direct the light that is then spread out across the ceiling of the space.


Bringing natural light into a structure has several advantages, from improving occupant welfare to energy savings. There are several popular alternatives for allowing in sunlight and enhancing the appearance and feel of interior space, including rooflights and skylights.