The History Of The Beni Ourain Rug

Beni Ourain Rug

All things have a history. Such is the case with one of the world’s most beloved rugs. There’s one rug that has been making people happy for centuries. That rug is the Berber rug. Berber rugs are used in many homes across the world to great effect. People all over the globe adore these soft, thick rugs. They love how the rug cushions a room in warmth and makes it easy to rest one’s foot on a delightful place. They also love how these rugs add so much personality to any room. The Beni Ourain rugs that they see are rugs that not only make people happy. They are also rugs with a marvelous history. For many years, those who make their homes in the rugged Atlas Mountains of Morocco have been hard at work. They have spent many hours working out exactly how to make rugs that shine with style and quality.


Long ago, people began living in the mountains of Morocco. This is a lovely place to live. At the same time, it’s also a place that has a difficult climate. Over time, the local tribal people realized exactly how to work with nature. They began to raise sheep. The sheep they raise here are no ordinary sheep. These are sheep that give off incredible wool. The wool they provide is full of so many incredible qualities. Each skein has lots of amazing texture. It also makes the ideal thing to turn into a rug of terrific quality. When the people here began to work on Berber rugs, they took the time to think about what they were doing. They weren’t content to settle for something that was just basic. Instead, they were able to opt for rugs that are getting to an entirely new and truly fabulous place.

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Bringing It Out

As people traveled places, they found Morocco well worth exploring. In doing so, many found that the Beni Ourain rugs they saw in this part of the world were superior to the kind of rugs they saw elsewhere. They were instantly struck with the use of color and how each rug made of the material. They were also delighted to speak with the tribe members and listen as they talked about the art and craft of bringing a rug to life. The tribal people here love being able to show off the rugs they make. They take each one and spend time thinking about what it is going to look like when it is finished. These are not cookie cutter rugs where all are alike. Instead, each one has a subtle difference that can be seen after careful examination. This is a rug for the discerning eye.

Contemporary Trends

Given how much went into the creation of every single rug, it is not a surprise to learn that contemporary designers have discovered these rugs. After so many years of history have gone into them, many modern designers have found them just right for the elegant modern home. These are rugs that fit in well with any style. The plush texture makes them a good choice for flooring like wood or stone. The intricate patterns found on the rugs are also those that work with many other kinds of patterns in any room. Understated colors like white and black make it easy to fit these rugs in a home that aims for a modern feel. The rugs are rugs that work well in so many amazing ways. They marry the most honorable of fabulous rug making traditions with the needs of the contemporary consumer. Visit for more information.