The Pefect Pieces that Can Make Your Balcony Garden Stand Out

The Pefect Pieces that Can Make Your Balcony Garden Stand Out

Don’t let city living stop you from having your own garden. Turn your balcony into a lovely urban garden and enjoy your little lush green outdoor spot, that’s absolutely perfect for relaxing or entertaining guests. 

Grow Plants in Containers

Planting in containers makes it more convenient to relocate the plants when the season changes or when you want to do a little bit of redecoration. There are plenty of container styles and options in the market today, but Italian terracotta planters always come highly recommended.

It is not just for their elegance and its simplicity, but also for their ability to withstand different climates and outdoor conditions. These planters have been around for ages and are made by hand in Italy. These planters are tough and sturdy that some can last for decades.

These are made with clay, which is why it is sturdy and has a bit of heft to it. It holds moisture well, so it keeps the soil moist longer, keeping the plants hydrated for more extended periods, too. These factors make it the perfect planter for outdoor use, especially if your balcony faces the sun for most of the day.

It’s perfect for all types of plants and can instantly elevate the look of your balcony garden. 

balcony-garden-with-hanging-potted-and-climbing-plants.jpg (1024×1364)

Use Proper Outdoor Furniture

Small space doesn’t automatically mean you have to go for small pieces of furniture. Going for small pieces adds more work to keeping the area looking coherent, looking filled enough and not looking sparsely designed, leaving awkward spaces in between.

The trick is to find proper outdoor furniture that best fits your space. An outdoor couch or a couple of side chairs, a cocktail table, an end table – get these in sizes that best fit your space. This is to create a balanced look and leaving enough walking and lounging space.

Add Some Lights

If your balcony gets sunlight for most of the day, you can take advantage of using solar lamps to for additional outdoor lighting. These lamps are built with sensors, so it automatically turns on when it starts to get dark. It will stay on throughout the night and automatically start recharging during the day.

It’s an eco-friendly and cost-effective additional outdoor lighting alternative. And it will look perfect for lighting your garden so you can enjoy the view of lush greens in your balcony, even at night.  

Use Rugs and Floor Pillows

Lastly, accessorize your space. Outdoor rugs soften the look of the space. If you want to recreate the look of a green lawn, using artificial turf is the best way to achieve a similar look. Utilize the floor space by using floor pillows that are easy to store and take out when you need extra seating for guests.

These practical accessories complete the look of your space; it’s decorative and useful at the same time. 

So if you’re tired of seeing your balcony looking plain and lackluster, we hope this gives you the inspiration that you need. Turn that idle, unattended space into a bright and cheery urban garden that gives off a sunny vibe that can brighten up your city outdoor space.