The Perfect Grout Color for Subway Tiles

Now that you have chosen to install subway tiles for your kitchen backsplash or bathroom, deciding on the perfect color of grout to use should come easy. Grout is quite similar to paint, it can enhance the look of your tile and add a touch of style to the space. Depending on the style you are going for, grout color can make or break the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. To help you choose the right grout hue for your subway tiles, here are some tips and tricks.

The Perfect Grout Color for Subway Tiles

1I White-on-White

Our favorite go-to is white grout on white tiles. This creates a classic look even for modern interior design. There are a few benefits when going for this monochromatic look. For starters, it’ll make any space look more bright and tidy. This option plays down the dimension of a space and creates a clean background where design elements and accessories can be used to define any style. This is the perfect opportunity to feature your favorite items like natural wood shelvings, bold colored planters, or detailed wall sconces. This combo also works really well in small bathrooms or kitchens since the white-white combination creates the illusion of having more space.

2I Black-on-Black

Looking for something bold and elegant? Opt for high gloss or matte subway tiles paired with black grout. The black-on-black look is dramatic, sophisticated, and perfect for a Wabi Sabi inspired home. To bring color into your kitchen or bath, add wood tone materials or greeneries which can be your accent color. For a creative and timeless look, install your subway tiles in a herringbone pattern. It’s a unique and trendy style that adds character to the space.

3I White and Black

Go for striking contrast with white-on-black or black-on-white. Both color schemes work really well for monotone environments. If you’re looking for that perfect vintage style, try pairing black grout with white subway tiles. Amp up the rustic and vintage look by incorporating gold or bronze hardware. This look is incredibly amazing and will be the favorite room of the house. If you want to accentuate each tile and make the entire room speak, try using white grout on black tiles. This style is super trendy for industrial chic homes. It takes the traditional subway tile and adds a twist that is modern and cool.

4I Beige on Stone-like Subway Tiles

Liven up the look of your shower with beige colored grouting on stone-like subway tiles. The rich shade of browns and wavy texture are perfect for the rustic and natural look. You want to use similar colors that can be found within the tile so as not to disrupt the look but, rather, allow the tiles to speak for themselves. To enhance the earthy browns, greys and silver details, opt for sanded grout to highlight the texture. Customize the appearance by keeping the beige hue throughout the shower, continuing up the walls and down to the floor. Talk about a relaxing and zen environment.

5I Brown Grout for Brushed Metal

Enhance the metal look by choosing red or brown tinted grout. This will work well for any brushed metal finish or materials like brick, wood or stone. Think natural and earthy hues when considering the finish and not the tile itself. If you want the pattern or texture to stand out, choose a grout color that is two shades lighter so your subway tiles are more visible. This will create a striking and bold look. The warm color of the grout will add a richness that is stunning and can make a huge statement.

6I Grey for Traditional Chic

For a cool and sleek traditional chic vibe, try pairing grey grout with classic high gloss subway tiles. It’s a modern, trendy-yet-classic look is a favorite among interior designers because of its refreshing simplicity. Pair grey grout with unfinished subway tiles for that creative handmade look. This style is perfect for any space — kitchen, bath or fireplace. Take it up a notch by adding copper finish pulls and knobs to warm up your kitchen’s ambience. For an ultra luxurious home, incorporate rose gold accent pieces like small planters and lighting fixtures.

7I Colorful tile with colorful grout

Once you move away from neutral colored grout, pairing vibrantly colored tiles with colorful grout can be tricky, but there is a way to assess this style. Choose colors that are complementary to your tile. For example, pair yellow colored grout with peach or cream subway tiles. This will create a fun and energetic look to the space.  Each individual tile will stand out and become a statement of style. For consistency, green subway tiles look amazing when you incorporate any natural element to the room. Whether you decide to go vibrant and bold or elegant and sleek, choosing the perfect grout color is simple and easy.

About the author: Lucy Parker is the Resident Design Consultant at​​.  When she’s not busy helping clients with interior design projects, Lucy writes blog posts  related to home décor. She’s also a foodie who loves traveling and enjoys movies (except  horror).