The Perfect Storage Solution For Your Home’s Most Dangerous Chemical Products

The Perfect Storage Solution For Your Home’s Most Dangerous Chemical Products

Despite how adamant families tend to be when it comes to cleaning, the right products will be sure to disinfect their homes effectively. What many families fail to realize is that these products should be stored in an extremely cautious manner. Common products like cleansers, deodorants and toiletries are all made up of dangerous and threatening chemicals that can be fatal to any family member’s health if not stored with proper consideration. Whether it be a result of leakage, young children mistaking the products for food, or family pets nosing their way into them, they can be extremely dangerous. Thus the importance of becoming properly educated on how to both use and store these unique products.

Many families will make the mistake of prioritizing convenience over security. For the families that have younger children, this is not often recommended. Those families with children above the age recommended to use these products are typically safe to store them in the most accessible locations they can. Some of the products that can be stored with convenience in mind are dish soaps, garbage disposal tablets or even disinfectant wipes. These types of products are used very commonly and can thus be stored in simple locations such as underneath the kitchen sink for ready availability. The products that are much more dangerous in nature, such as bleach, drain cleaner, toilet cleaner or anything similar are not to be stored so freely. These products will require a more sophisticated storage location for the sake of keeping them out of the hands of younger children or the paws of wandering pets.

Often times the way families can distinguish between which products belong where is through reading and understanding the label. The label will include important directions for use in addition to meaningful considerations in the way of storage. For example, these labels might suggest that a product not be stored to other products of its kind. This is where the grouping of these products in the home becomes important. Many families have dedicated spaces used to store these products. Regardless of how they’re separated, products will be scattered around the home. Some under the bathroom sink, others in the laundry room. No matter the preference, families should consider how a storage basket can help. These bins are known to reduce clutter in addition to limiting the accessibility of these products to children or pets when stored correctly. Always look to store the harshest chemical products in places where young children or pets are unable to reach them.

As important as storage is in keeping families safe from these products, proper education regarding the use of these products is more important. Younger family members should be taught at a young age that the product’s label should be consulted prior to each use. Within the label anyone is capable of finding the safety information included in addition to directions for ideal use. Equally as important, these labels will include information about safe disposal of each product as well.

Your family shouldn’t have to worry about how all of the chemical products in the home should be stored. Developing a plan that works for your family can be challenging, but with the help of the infographic featured alongside this post, many storage solutions can be simplified and can keep family members safe. Continue reading on to learn more through the Household Chemical Storage Guide.

Author bio: Lynn Place is Vice President of Marketing for SolvChem Custom Packaging Division. She has 30 years of professional experience in the manufacturing industry and specializes in consumer packaged goods, new product development and strategic planning.