These 5 Design Trends Are on FIRE in San Francisco, CA

These 5 Design Trends Are on FIRE in San Francisco, CA

Springtime is a great time to breathe new life into a dated interior – especially if you’re thinking about selling your home. There are so many different ways you can revamp the look and feel of your home, these five design trends will surely appeal to the San Francisco buyer’s market.

1. Lots of Windows

You can never go wrong with having too many windows in any room (ok, maybe the bathroom is a bit too exhibition-y for some)! When your house is bathed in sunlight, it feels brighter and more welcoming. Large banks of windows in the kitchen and living room are in demand, but if you don’t have the space (or finances), you can change out the window coverings to allow more light in.

2. Storage Everywhere

Doesn’t it seem like there’s another new must-have kitchen small appliance or gadget coming on the market every few months? Where are we supposed to put all of that crap, along with the countless random pieces of tupperware, tableware, dry goods and so on? If you are short on storage space, adding storage wherever you can is a no-brainer.

3. Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands have been popular for many years now and that doesn’t seem like it’s going to change any time soon, either. Kitchen islands are a solution for many needs. There’s more counterspace to work on, they add additional storage, they can be used as a breakfast bar, and they can even feature appliances like a sink, dishwasher, mini-fridge, and cooktop!

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4. Velvet

Velvet is a fabric who’s popularity ebbs and flows, but right now it’s in super popular. The soft texture in rich precious gem tones gives your space that luxe feel that some crave. Homeowners can use velvet a variety of ways when they’re designing their homes, but the most popular use is velvet sofas and accent chairs. With that said, keep in mind that the velvet elements are simply an aesthetic design choice and won’t have much impact on the value of your home when you list your home with a listing agent.

5. Swimming Pools

Thanks to the pandemic and social distancing protocols, people have been vying for a swimming pool in the backyard. Although there’s a wide variety of pool styles to choose from, keep in mind that bigger isn’t always better. You might want to do some research regarding houses with pools that have sold in your area lately to see what size pool is popular among buyers.

Design Trends Come And Go, But Classic Style Is Timeless

One of the problems of trying to renovate your house when you’re going to be selling it soon is trying to nail down which reno projects or design styles is on trend. Thankfully, when you’re working with a real estate agent (which you should!), they can guide you toward things the local buyers are into. When in doubt, neutral colors, clean lines, and classic decor is always the way to go!