Tips And Tricks On How To Insulate A Shed


Sheds in Perth can be exposed to harsh weather, cold temperatures or extreme heat. Whether you use your shed for a workshop, games room, guest house or hobby room, you want to create a comfortable environment and protect your stored valuables. Here are some tips to consider when insulating your shed.

Doors and Windows

These are the main areas that cold and moisture get through so it’s important to pay careful attention to the doors and windows. Fill in gaps around these areas and repair any cracks or broken windows. For extra insulation you may consider purchasing double glazed windows particularly if your shed is being used as an office or guest room.

Seal Your Shed

You may find small gaps in your shed structure, such as in the roof, at corner joints and around the foundation. It may help to check your shed carefully during rainfall to see if there are any leaks that need to be fixed. Seal gaps with caulk, and if you find large gaps or holes you can use an expandable foam spray.


Quite often people forget about the floor when they insulate their shed. A lot of heat can be lost through the floor so it’s important not to neglect this area. Underfloor insulation can reduce heat loss by nearly 40% in cold temperatures. It’s as simple as lining the floor with breathable material and laying a carpet or rug on top. The breathable lining protects against dampness, which is particularly important if your shed floor is wooden.

Choosing Your Insulation

There are many different options available when choosing insulation for your shed. One of the most popular is phenolic foam. However, there are otherwool and even bubble wrap if you’re on a budget.

To fully insulate your shed it’s important to insulate all areas, including the walls, roof and floor. The type of insulation that you choose will depend on the size of your shed, your budget and the availability of materials. Be sure to allow for ventilation, particularly with roof insulation. When warm air is not allowed to circulate it can condense and cause moisture to build up, causing damage to your shed.

Does Insulating a Shed Help?

Insulating your shed is beneficial not only for you, but for the items that you store inside your shed. Insulation can help to protect the inside of your shed from strong winds, cold temperatures, heavy rain and extreme heat. Shed insulation can also protect dust and dirt from entering your shed. If you use your shed to store chemicals or paints, insulation ensures that these are not exposed to the damaging effects of excessive heat.

Sheds in Perth have a wide range of uses, and insulating your shed brings many benefits including safety, comfort and protection for your equipment. Shed insulation can protect your shed from extreme heat and cold wet weather. Insulation reduces the risk of water damage and dirt entering your shed. If you would like to find out more about sheds in Perth visit our website.