Tips And Tricks To Getting Themost Out Of Your Aircon

We don’t think about air-conditioning that often, at least until the electricity bill comes in the post. These days, it’s understood that having an aircon in your home or workplace is more than just a luxury, and it can be a necessity in many contexts, especially here in Western Australia.

Running an aircon dehumidifies your space, making it less vulnerable to mould infestation. Filters in an air-conditioning system can also improve air quality and reduce the risk of illnesses in your home oroffice. It could also help computers and other types of machines run at better efficiency.

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All these benefits admittedly come at a price. Unless you’re running your aircon units off an onsite solar or wind generator that you own, they can be expensive to run. Also, not everyone chooses the right aircon or prepares their space in a way that makes an air-conditioning system work as efficiently as it can.

Here, we have a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your aircon. If you want to learn more, be sure to contact air conditioning Perth experts in your area.

1.) Insulate Your Space Properly

Vernacular architecture in Perth is often designed to prevent heat from building up while offering a good deal of ventilation. Unfortunately, if you plan on adding air-conditioning to this type of space, you might just be wasting energy and pouring money down the drain.

To get the most out of your aircon, your space has to be properly insulated so that as little cool air as possible can escape. For better efficiency, you may need to add weather stripping to windows, doors, and other possible sources of air leaks. You may even want to replace any jalousie windows or screen doors if they lead into the outside or a space that you don’t want to be cooled. If you have the budget for it, you will also want the space between your roof and ceiling professionally insulated as well.

Properly insulated spaces can often get by with an aircon set at less power-hungry settings. You’ll also find that your space might be cooler even with the aircon off—that is if you keep your windows open.

2.) Go Solar

If you have the means to attach solar panels to your roof, this can give the aircon a boost for two reasons. First, it’s usually cheaper to power an aircon through solar panels these days than it is to power it off the grid. Second, the panels themselves can help cool your home passively by preventing sunlight from heating the roof, allowing even a weaker aircon to substantially cool down a space.

3.) Choose Split-Type Air-Conditioning Units

These units generally offer much more cooling power per watt consumed, and they also introduce much less noise into your space. Be sure to position the compressor away from direct sunlight, if possible, to prevent overheating and to allow you to further optimise your aircon’s settings.

4.) Don’t Cool Down All Your Spaces

Not every part of your home needs to be cooled down with an aircon. As we mentioned earlier, vernacular architecture in Perth is quite suited for the hot and sometimes humid environment. Learn to enjoy the pleasures of a shaded open window and you might find that you don’t need to turn on your aircon as often as you thought you would.

5.) Use Fans To Complement Your Aircon

Electric fans can be used to distribute air throughout your home more efficiently, allowing cool airto reach hotspots in your house and use less power-intensive settings on your aircon. Fans also use a fraction of the energy an aircon uses, so they can be a better idea than adding a second aircon unit.

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6.) Use Your Bedroom Aircon’s Timer

You don’t need your bedroom aircon to be on throughout the entire night, especially if you already have the proper insulation in your space. Using your aircon’s timer or an external outlet timer can drastically reduce your energy bills without you having to sacrifice any comfort.

Keep these ideas in mind the next time you use your air conditioner or if you’re currently in the market for a new one. To find out more, check out the specialists in air conditioning Perth homeowners andbusinesses have turned to for years.