Tips For Cleaning & Maintaining Gas Fireplaces

Gas log fires in Melbourne provide a low maintenance and convenient solution for heating your home. Gas log heaters are often touted as being easier to deal with than wood open fires. However, that doesn’t mean that they require no maintenance at all! To get the best performance out of your gas log fires in Melbourne over many years, they’ll need regular cleaning – both of the gas logs and the gas fireplace bed. With these handy tips on how to keep gas log fires in Melbourne in top condition, you’ll be enjoying your gas log heater’s performance throughout winter for many years to come. There are three main aspects to maintaining gas log heaters: safety inspections, cleaning the fireplace, and cleaning the logs.

Gas Safety Inspections

Safety inspections for gas log fires in Melbourne ensure that your unit is operating correctly and isn’t a threat to the safety of your household. Call an appropriately qualified professional to check any gas log heaters in your home for gas leaks. They should also have a look at the burner and inspect the gas pressure. Do not attempt to conduct a safety inspection on your gas log heaters on your own. You might damage your heater, cause injury to yourself, or fail to pick up a serious safety hazard. Where gas is involved, only a qualified technician should carry out a safety inspection.

Cleaning the Fireplace

Before you begin, make sure your gas log heater is turned off and that there isn’t any gas on anywhere. If your gas log heaters have a glass covering, you’ll need to remove it. Make sure you’ve left your gas log fire to sit and cool down for a while, because the glass cover could still be quite hot. Your glass cover might have a hinge to allow access to the fireplace, or it may come off completely. It’s important to use an alcohol based fireplace cleaner to clean both sides of the glass. Let it sit for 15 minutes on the glass, then use a different cloth to remove it. Do not use ammonia based cleaner; make sure you use an alcohol based cleaner instead. Next, remove any debris from the burners by running a vacuum cleaner over them. If debris is stuck to the burners, use an old toothbrush to dislodge it. Finally, use the vacuum cleaner again to suck up any further bits of debris.

Cleaning the Logs

Gas log fires in Melbourne also need their logs cleaned as well. Again, before you begin cleaning, turn off the gas and pilot flame, then leave your gas log heater to completely cool as a safety precaution. Open the fireplace up and take out the gas logs, while trying not to get soot on your floor or furnishings. Using an old bed sheet or other old drop cloth will ensure you keep your room nice and clean during this process. Next, take your logs outside and brush them off, removing the soot with a small broom or paint brush.