Tips for Maintaining a Sofa Sleeper Sectional

Tips for Maintaining a Sofa Sleeper Sectional

A sleeper sofa would be an excellent addition to your modern-day living room. Whether it’s operating as seating for multiple guests or as a bed, a sleeper sofa’s dual functionality is an incomparable investment. When choosing your new sofa sleeper, you should consider a few aspects to maximize its use.

First, decide what the primary purpose is for your sleeper sofa. Is it going to be used as a sofa primarily? Or will its main use be a bed? If it is primarily used as a bed, you’ll want to select a strong, durable sleeper sofa. Consistent use means it will get a lot of everyday wear and tear.

Over the years, the variety of mattress types has expanded from the traditional spring mattress to different kinds of memory foam. With many sleeper sofas, you have the option to choose which you’d prefer. Another feature you want to look for is a simple mechanism to transform the sofa into a bed.

Be sure to choose a style and size proportionate to your space. You also want to select a style that reflects how you will commonly use the sleeper. A twin-size sleeper sofa may be an excellent choice if you have a smaller space. You can opt for a queen-size sofa bed if you have enough space. Queen-sized mattresses are the most popular size, and they come in several styles and mattress options.

Once you’ve chosen the best sofa bed for your household, you should view it as an investment. The sleeper is a valuable piece of furniture that will bring your guests hours of comfort. As with any other investment, caring for your sofa bed will ensure that it will last for a long time. There are several small actions you can take to care of your sleeper sofa and preserve its integrity to be sure you’ll be able to use it for years.

Do you remember being a kid and being told not to sit on the arms of the sofa? Well, the adults were right. Avoid sitting on the arms or armrest of the new sleeper sofa, and please don’t stand on it either. You may not think it’s a problem at first, but the pressure from the additional weight will damage and shorten the sofa’s functional life. You can avoid surprise stains, accidental rips and tears, and scratches by just using the sofa as it was intended.

Although we love a naturally lit room, the sun’s rays can cause the color of the upholstery to fade rapidly. It’s best to keep the sleeper sofa out of direct contact with sunlight to help it have a long life span. If you have an oddly shaped space and the best position for the sofa is in the sunlight’s direct path, it may be time to consider a leather sleeper sofa. Leather doesn’t fade as quickly as fabric upholstery, and it can be easily maintained with regular leather treatments.

However, if you decide to go with an upholstered version, don’t attempt to clean your sofa sleeper sectional yourself. Protect your investment by using a professional furniture cleaning service. Sure, you can save money if you do it yourself, but a professional upholstery cleaner understands all different kinds of fabrics and which solutions work best for specific stains. They can clean your furniture safely and effectively with no risk of damage to the material.

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But don’t wait until it’s stained to have it cleaned. When something spills on the sofa, most people finally decide to take action, but regular cleaning will help keep the sleeper sofa in superb condition. Between professional cleaning, you can dust, vacuum, and remove pet hair and dander.

Schedule a professional cleaning at least once a year, especially if you have a large family, or the sleeper gets a lot of use during the year. You’ll be pleased with the results.

While we all consider our pets as family members, it’s best to keep them off of the furniture as much as possible. If you can’t, select a sleeper sofa whose material is pet-friendly. The nails of a dog or cat can easily scratch and poke through the sofa’s cushions. They also track dirt into the home and shed skin and fur, which, if left unattended, will reduce your sofa’s life span. Just save yourself some time and effort by getting your pet a nice warm bed and preserving the condition of your sleeper sofa.

People often neglect the mattress on pull-out sleeper sofas. Keep in mind that if you eat on the sofa and crumbs get down in between the cushions, then crumbs are also getting on the mattress. If liquid spills and penetrates the sofa cushion, it most likely reaches the mattress. We’ll take care of the stain on the sofa’s surface, forgetting about the damage we may have caused the mattress.

Then, when a friend stays over, we’re embarrassed by the crumbs and small stains that are revealed once the sofa’s bed is pulled out. Who would want to sleep on that mattress? The answer is no one. So how can you prevent that scenario from happening?

Applying mattress protectors will stop stains and crumbs from sinking into the mattress. They are waterproof, hypoallergenic, and anti-bacterial. Buy one that fully encases the mattress to protect it from pet dander and spills in between uses.

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