Tips That Will Save You From Drowning In Pet Hair In This 2020

Tips That Will Save You From Drowning In Pet Hair In This 2020


Pets are a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. Not least because of all the pet hair that spread to the last corner of the house. Vacuuming is the be-all and end-all, but which vacuum cleaner is suitable for pet hair, do I need different attachments and does my cat get along with a vacuum robot?

We’ll be happy to help you with tips for vacuuming pet hair.

Bye, Pet Hair – Welcome to The Comfort Home

Humans and pets are often a heart and a soul. There are an estimated 34 million pets in the USA alone. They are not only loyal companions but rather permanent family members.

As pet family members are loyal, their hair is stubborn. Pet hair spreads throughout the house and settles on carpet fibers. Especially during the change of fur, pets lose large amounts of hair that stubbornly adhere to carpets, furniture, the bed, and clothes.

Of course, this does no harm to love, but the pet companions are a great challenge when it comes to cleanliness.

When Pet Hair Becomes A Problem

Pet hair not only complicates the care of the home but also has an impact on human health. Substances bound to pet hair can trigger allergies.

Especially for allergy sufferers, the time of changing the coat is accompanied by watery eyes or sneezing fits.

We have summarized the best tips for reducing allergens for you here. But not only dogs can be a problem. Cats, who are also outside, also bring a lot of (sometimes invisible) dirt into the house.

It is, therefore, all the more important that dirt caused by pets is thoroughly removed before it becomes a problem for humans.

What Should A Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair Do?

An important property for a good vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair is the suction power. However, there are other aspects that the pet hair vacuum cleaner should bring with it. The vacuum cleaner should be used regularly in order to be able to enjoy the feel-good home with the pet and the family in the long term.

The more often this is used, the more you should pay attention to ergonomics and comfortable handling, to avoid unnecessary back problems.

Complicated carrying vacuum cleaners or overturning vacuum cleaners should be avoided. Depending on the floor covering, attention should also be paid to the floor nozzle or the vacuum cleaner attachment.

With the right floor nozzle, you can achieve a significantly better cleaning result. For upholstery, furniture, sofas, etc. there are explicitly developed upholstery brushes for the vacuum cleaner.

These enable much easier and more effective cleaning of all textile fibers in the floor area and also effortlessly remove the stuck pet hair.

Optimal Properties of The Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair:

  • High suction power (not to be confused with the pure wattage)
  • Flexibility & suitability for everyday use
  • Comfortable handling
  • Dustbags
  • Upholstery brush attachment

Tips for Optimal Removal of Pet Hair

  • Help your pet with grooming, for example, by regular brushing. Especially when changing fur, you avoid so much hair that would otherwise be distributed in your home
  • Suck regularly
  • Start in the high reach area: furniture, upholstery, sofas with matching upholstery brush
  • The lint roller can provide good support for small, fast operations
  • Rubber gloves particularly attract pet hair and can be ideal for removing hair when brushing
  • If possible, an electric brush attachment should be used for carpets for a better cleaning result

Clean Upholstered Furniture

The upholstered furniture with which the pet comes into contact should be vacuumed off at least three times a week. There are numerous vacuum reviews and tips for deep cleaning of upholstered furniture in homeplix. Slightly dampened nylon stockings or rubber gloves are recommended for this purpose.

They are intended to loosen fixed dog and cat hair from textile fibers. It works even easier and more hygienically if you turn your cylinder vacuum cleaner or handheld vacuum cleaner into a pet hair vacuum cleaner for upholstered furniture.

Homeplix author John Plix explains how this works in his experience report. You can find out whether these best vacuum under 200 dollars removed all pet hair from your loving household.

Please don’t forget to clean your mattress regularly with the right accessories.

Remove Pet Hair from The Floor

Is the couch clean the first thing you notice is the next ball of fur under the cabinet? As a pet owner, removing pet hair can easily be described as a “never-ending story.”

But there is also good news: You will find pet hair anytime, anywhere, but with the right tips and tools, changing the fur of your four-legged friend becomes child’s play.

You should always suck instead of sweep. Sweeping only whirls up pet hair, however, there is no escape from the vacuum cleaner, and the hair remains where it belongs in the vacuum cleaner bag. You can find more tips in our article “A clean floor despite pets.”

And now we answer the question of all questions: is my room tiger compatible with a vacuum robot? Not every cat takes the housekeeper straight to her heart. You can get your velvet paw used to the robot.


Which Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner Is the Best for Us and Our Home?

Depending on the home, there are also different types of vacuum cleaners for removing pet hair.

The robot vacuum impresses with its regularity. The more regularly you suck, the less they can collect in large quantities at all. For the floor area, stairs or rooms to which he has no access, he needs some support.

With the cordless vacuum cleaner, you are particularly flexible on the go. Always ready for use, wireless, convenient, and thanks to two-motor technology, you can achieve a convincing cleaning quality.

In particular, if the above-ground area is your problem case with regard to pet hair, then it has strengthened the vacuum cleaner or hand vacuum cleaner with the upholstery brush combination mentioned. It combines the highest suction power with comfortable handling.

Of course, different types of vacuum cleaners can also be combined perfectly. If you are still undecided, take the chance and get individual advice.

Who Loves His Car, Sucks!

Anyone who regularly travels with their dog knows that even the car can quickly become a problem. The right attachments are particularly important when removing pet hair in the car.

It should be gentle and powerful cleaning. So, you avoid unsightly scratches and get the hair effectively from the car seats, upholstery, floor mats, trunk, and seat cracks.


Of course, a pet hair vacuum cleaner must also be cleaned and cared for on a regular basis. With bag vacuum cleaners, it goes without saying that the bag is changed so that the suction power does not dwindle.

I also recommend regular cleaning of all nozzles and pipes. There too, one or two animal hairs get caught. If you also suck in a lot of dog hair/cat hair, you should also clean the filter regularly.

Otherwise, the exhaust air from your vacuum cleaner may, at some point, smell unpleasantly like dog muff or cat muff.