Tips to Care the Concrete Mixer Efficiently

Tips to Care the Concrete Mixer Efficiently

Hiring a concrete mixer is an expensive affair. It is mostly connected with time and labour management. But have you ever thought that without these huge dusty concrete mixers at the constructions no work would be completed?

Every simple work at the construction site is connected to the usage of concrete mixers, be it the payment of the driveway or expansion of the house. The concrete mixers are the time savers to hasten the process.

The cement mixer helps in boosting efficiency and productivity at the worksite. But to have the concrete mixer work at its best, you need to ensure few basic steps to be taken as mentioned below –

Get The Worksite Prepared for Efficient Working of the Concrete Mixers

Most importantly, apply for your requisite licenses before starting the work.  Then prepare the worksite for concrete pouring such as the placement of the pour, creating a barrier area to prevent trespassers, and pounding the ground to the right grade to be mixed in the concrete mixer.

Remember that the concrete tends to harden faster. Hence choose the placement of the mixer as close as possible to the job site to reduce the workers travel time.

Safety of The Workers Is Primary

Working with the huge mixer is a difficult task and there are several security concerns attached to it. Ensure that the workers have the proper protective gear worn before getting to start with the work.

Safety items are

  • respirator,
  • goggles,
  • work gloves,
  • boots

It is extremely to wear all the safety equipment, especially the respirator and the gloves for the safety of eyes and palms, The powdered concrete and dust can result in the burning of eyes and palms.

Next, ensure to stop the mixer at the horizontal surface and not the irregular ground. The stability of the concrete mixer ensures the safety of the workers and avoid any accidental spillage.

Check the Mixer Thoroughly Before Starting the Work

Make sure to check the parts of the mixers before turning them on. Additionally, check the mixer even during usage to ensure safety is taken care of. When the day is called off and work is stopped check the mixer again to ensure the mixer blades are not bent. The timely inspection helps to avoid wasting time and money in repair.

Maintenance of the Concrete Mixer

  • Before starting the work, apply a thin coat of oil on the outside of the mixer. This helps in avoid the cement to accumulate and harden on the surface of the mixer.
  • To avoid dust accumulation on the motor part of the mixer, use the air compressor to dislodge the cement. The clean motor offers better operation and avoids spending less on expensive repairs.
  • The turning and mixing of the wet cement inside the drum will cause the wear down of the the gears and pulleys. To avoid this grease the gears, pulleys and other moving joints at regular intervals.

Ensure to drain the drum immediately after the mixer stops, else the concrete tends to harden inside the mixer and would be impossible to remove it.