Tips To Increase The Value Of Your Home When Selling

Tips To Increase The Value Of Your Home When Selling

When it comes to placing our houses for sale, we all want to get the best possible price, but in order to achieve that we may have to do a little sprucing up first.

Spending a little can make a considerable difference, however going overboard could end up leaving you out of pocket, so here are some budget-friendly tips and advice on how to add value to your home without breaking the bank:

  • Clutter and personal items

De-cluttering can make a world of difference. Start by having a good sort out and don’t forget the closets and cupboards too as buyers will look in everything when viewing potential homes. De-cluttering helps to make a home look more spacious and show that there is adequate storage space. Also, you should remove all personal items, like family photographs and other pieces such as awards or trophies and replace them with something neutral so that buyers can look at your home and envision making it their own.

  • Paintwork

If rooms need a new lick of paint do it now as a fresh paint job helps to revitalise a home making it appear fresh and new and if frames and doors are looking tired why not also give them a spruce up with a bit of paint as this could help to totally change its appearance. Before splashing out on paint, see what leftovers you have left behind from your last DIY project as there may be enough for what you need to do.

  • Excess furniture

You should remove any excess furniture that is obstructing available floor space and try to keep rooms as minimal as possible. Another tip is to rearrange things so that each room represents what it was originally intended for, for example, make the dining room a room for dining and remove any excess clutter so that buyers can see the full potential of each space.

  • Kitchen & bathrooms

If the kitchen is dated and needs replacing, it’s not worth doing the big spend now, so instead give it a facelift by painting any outdated wooden units, de-cluttering and adding some modern new door handles, this will help to make it look a bit more modern and appealing to buyers.

Bathrooms are often one of the main selling features of a home, so if any budget is to be spent, it’s wise to invest it here. High gloss tiles, heated towel rails, new accessories and fresh paintwork is will make a great difference.

  • Bedrooms

Replace bedding for something neutral or plain so that your own personal tastes do not overshadow the buyer’s imagination. Also, you can make the bedrooms look cosy and comfortable by adding soft cushions and throws, to give them that luxury hotel feel.

  • Lighting

Check if you have enough lighting throughout the house, especially on those smaller, darker spaces. Up the wattage to higher voltage bulbs to make rooms appear brighter and use your floor and table lamps to enhance specific areas. It may require a little moving around to get the best look but give it a go to see what looks effective.

  • Flooring

Make sure the floors are clean and fresh. If an old carpet needs replacing, but your budget will not allow that, try getting it professional cleaned instead as this can make a huge difference.

  • Repairs

Don’t assume buyers will not notice when something is in need of repair as they usually do, so you need to address those issues even if it’s only a small hole on the wall, a broken door handle, or a malfunctioning light switch. There shouldn’t be anything visible that might put buyers off.

  • Accessories

Adding things such as scented candles to bathrooms and lounges will make the rooms appear loved and inviting, and it’s also a clever way to disguise bad smells from cooking or pets.

Fresh flowers always make a room look colourful and cheery, while plants are perfect for giving a modern look and a focal point to a room. Bigger pieces like mirrors are ideal for offering the illusion of a much bigger space, so play around with what you have got or buy some affordable or second ones to make the smaller areas of your home look more open and spacious.

  • Don’t forget the exterior

Don’t forget about the outside as your house has to look inviting and presentable if you want to see potential buyers through the door. Clean up the yard and pathways, cut the lawns, get rid of debris and leaves and add some plants, flowers, hanging baskets etc., to make it look bright and cheery.