Tips to Save on Energy for Your Morgantown Home

Tips to Save on Energy for Your Morgantown Home

Reducing expenses is a prime motivator for many decisions that we make. Many are constantly on the lookout for ways to cut costs so that they can save more money for travel, education, retirement, or a brighter future. Whether that means browsing the internet for coupon codes or saving on gas by walking or taking a bike to work, there are plenty of strategies for lowering your expenses.

If you own a home in Morgantown, PA, one of the most frustrating times of the month is when the energy bill arrives. It can cost a lot to keep your home warm when it is cold outside, cool when it is hot, and powered.

Fortunately, there are a few proven strategies for reducing energy expenses in your home. Here are some tips to save on energy that you can start today.

Winterize Your Home

The harsh temperatures of a cold Morgantown winter see many utility bills climb up to keep the home heated. These expenses could climb by 50% or more depending on the size of your home and the heating system you own. Reducing the workload on your utilities by winterizing your home effectively could save you money once the days grow shorter. You can make your home cozier and warmer by adding drapes and curtains to your windows rather than blinds. These will help reduce drafts that can cool the house down and make your heating system work harder. Additionally, you can put fabric stoppers underneath exterior doors to cut down on the amount of cool air that seeps in and warm air that seeps out. Make sure you replace your furnace filters as well to improve efficiency.

Buy Rather Than Lease Your Propane Tank

Many homes rely on propane to heat the space and power their ovens and stovetops. Often, this means leasing a propane tank on your property and having a single provider that refills your supply when needed. However, this leaves you vulnerable to high prices for the propane itself. Instead, consider buying a propane tank in Morgantown, PA. By purchasing a tank yourself, you will have the freedom to shop around for providers which can result in finding lower prices. Although the initial investment will be a hit to your wallet, you will save money over time since you don’t have to rely on one provider that can raise their prices.

The Power of Circulation

Maintaining comfortable temperatures in your home is not just about your heating or cooling system. It is also about circulation. How does the air in your home move around? Maybe not all your rooms have a direct connection to the supply of warm air or cool air, so you need to find ways to circulate the air so that the entire house is comfortable. During the summer, ceiling fans should be pushing air down toward the ground to spread the cooling effects throughout the interior spaces. Once winter arrives, reverse those fans so that the warm air that tends to rise to the ceiling is moved around the room more. Improving air circulation in your home can regulate the temperatures efficiently and will let you turn down the heating and cooling systems a little.

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Replace Old Windows

Windows are often the main culprit of issues with temperature regulation. Whether the models themselves are outdated or the sealant around the window is leaking air, sometimes an update is needed to improve your home’s energy efficiency. A quick fix for drafty windows is to reapply silicone sealant around the edges. A more long-term solution may be to replace the windows entirely with energy-efficient models. Windows, doors, and skylights with high energy star ratings offer benefits like a lighter burden on your HVAC systems and less power consumed by the home overall. This reduces your carbon footprint, as well as the burden on local power plants. Once your home has newer windows in place, you will see your energy bill start to drop as your heating and cooling systems will not have to work as hard to regulate interior temperatures.

Reducing Your Energy Bill Requires Action

If you are sick of paying hundreds of dollars each month to keep your home comfortable and functioning, then it is time to do some research into energy-efficient practices. The above examples are a great way to get started, but many other strategies can work just as effectively. You could invest in solar panels on the roof to reduce your need for electricity from the power plant. Installing large mirrors in living spaces can reflect light throughout the home more effectively, reducing your need for lights to be on. Buying a wood pellet stove can give you an alternative fuel source that is cheaper to keep the home warm at certain times of the year. Learn all that you can about reducing the energy bill for your Morgantown home and start making decisions that increase the efficiency of the building.