Tips When Looking For Part Time Or Casual Working


In this rat race where the world is just becoming competitive with times, one needs additional sources of income. Several people love to pair their studies with a part-time job. This way of casually working outside offers several benefits like it helps saving up. Apart from this benefit, you can make several friends by working part-time.The industry connections will give you a great experience and the environment. If you are an international student then most importantly, you will be able to boost your English speaking skills. You can easily get overwhelmed regarding working part-time thus this article has got you covered

Working on a student visa

Let’s talk about the scenarios where you will be on a student visa. One can work for up to 40 hours every 14 days while the classes are in the session. This restriction of 40 hours turns unlimited if the classes are not in session. As far as job hunting is concerned then there are several ways. But before that, you need to get into some legal stuff.

Applying for a Tax File Number

One of the first things to do in preparation for job hunting is to apply for a Tax File Number (TFN). What is the benefit? Well, you will get taxed at the right rate which will be according to the work you did. Confuse how to file? Just browse the internet and you will find the official website.

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Your Attitude

Even though you will be studying and the job will be much casual to you but this doesn’t mean that you forget professionalism. One has to take the job seriously and own a positive attitude. You must be self-confident even though you might meet several setbacks. Facing the challenges is normal and you should not lose faith. You need to bear in mind that the first job is always the hardest to get thus your job should be to remain positive.

What type of job can you do part-time?

Well, you can get started with any type of job which is convenient for you. Many times, people go for the jobs which interest them so you can do the same. Some of the ideas include working in a Casual shared office, joining a call center staff, applying for on-campus jobs, choosing to bartend, getting into retail sales assistant, or going for internships. The best thing about these types of jobs is that people get hired on a casual basis thus there will always be a need. Such jobs do not require you to even show up every day which makes them perfect for getting practical experience and earning money.

Working in any Casual shared office

You can even join small local business owners who work from casual shared offices. Interestingly, you can invest in your own casual shared office as a part-time activity from where you can operate the business. If you are interested in selling crafts then you can sell your stuff.