To Use Or Not Use A Sofa Cover

To Use Or Not Use A Sofa Cover

With sofa covers, you need not worry about covering your sofas with a mere piece of sheet for protection. These stylish coverings will elevate both the longevity and beauty of your sofa.

However, despite many benefits, some people still prefer the standard upholstering fabric for their sofas. Should you do the same? Well, we can only decide this once we know what sofa covers have to offer us. Let’s explore why to use or not use a sofa cover.

Why use sofa covers?


According to, a sofa cover is an effective way of protecting your precious sofa from all sorts of pollutants. It’ll safeguard the sofa from accidental spills to pet hair and even sweat stains in summer. A sofa cover will bear all the dirt that can be washed later on.


No matter what kind of stain you are dealing with, a sofa cover needs only to be dropped in the daily laundry to wash clean. While some sofa covers are limited to dry cleaning, others allow machine washing as well.


A sofa that has been around for too long might show signs of wear and tear. A sofa cover is just the right savior these old sofas need for protection from any further damage. Also, if your sofa has some permanent stains, wrinkles, or any other kind of marks that compromises its appearance, a sofa cover will effectively mask that spot.


Sofa covers are an affordable option to enhance the appearance of your sofa, along with protecting it against all kinds of pollutants. Purchasing sofa covers cost less than upholstering the sofa yet offer many benefits much to our needs

They’re decorative

With so many options available in size, colors, shapes, and designs, sofa covers are an ideal choice to upgrade the look of your sofa. You can choose a one according to your taste or an upcoming national or religious festival.

Why not use sofa covers?


Sofa covers are designed, keeping in view the standard sizes of the sofas that are commonly available in the market. Therefore, if you have a custom made sofa or a sofa with a somewhat distinct design, a standard sofa cover might not fit it very well. As a result, the sofa cover will be loosely fitted over the furniture and will give a saggy look, unlike the upholstered cover that fits perfectly.


As mentioned above, if the sofa covers do not fit the furniture well, it can lead to a wrinkling over the cover because of the loose-fitting. Not only these wrinkles ruin the overall outlook of the furniture, but they could become semi-permanent if left for a long time. Later on, steaming might be the only solution to remove the sturdy wrinkles.

Sofa Cover

Cleaning can be hectic

Although the sofa cover itself is easily cleanable and may require only regular laundry. However, cleaning a sofa cover is a multi-step process that requires you first to remove the cover, clean it, and then put it on again. Some audiences may find it hectic to remove the sofa cover again after again.


While sofa covers provide much relaxation in terms of style and protection, they may still lack complete compatibility with your sofa. In case your sofa cover does not properly fit your sofa, you may have to deal with wrinkles and an unpleasant appearance. The decision whether to use or not use a sofa cover lies in your hand. If you plan to go for it, make sure to get a perfect fit.