Tom Baskind 5 Design Ideas to Make Your Garden Stand Out

Tom Baskind 5 Design Ideas to Make Your Garden Stand Out

If you’re looking to remodel your garden, chances are that you want it to stand out among the rest of your neighborhood.

Whether you’re re-landscaping or simply adding some plants and other decorations, following these landscape design ideas will help you achieve the look that you’ve always wanted for your outdoor space. Thomas Baskind Landscape Design has 5 tips to help your garden stand out.

1. Use Bold Colors

The use of bold colors can make your garden stand out. Use a variety of different colors and shades in the landscape design to create an eye-catching garden.

Depending on the type of plant life you use, you can also add color by using flowers or other plants that come in bold colors. The color will also attract birds and butterflies which will make for a beautiful addition to your yard.

The best time to add bold colors is during the early spring when everything is just starting to grow or during fall when things are starting to turn for the winter months.

2. Go Natural

The natural look of your garden will make it stand out in the neighborhood. You can achieve this look by simply pulling weeds, planting native wildflowers and herbs, and trimming your plants so they only grow a certain height. If you have a serene pond or fountain, all the better.

If not, adding some decorative pebbles on the ground will do just fine. You can also incorporate boulders into your landscape design for that touch of ruggedness.

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3. Incorporate Interesting Materials

One of the best ways to make your garden stand out is by incorporating interesting materials. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as with outdoor furniture or decorations.

For instance, you could use natural elements like tree stumps, logs, and stones as part of your design. You could also incorporate metal objects or mirrors into your landscape for added visual interest.

Another way you can use interesting materials is by framing certain features of your garden. By strategically placing things around your plants and foliage, you can make them stand out.

4. Add in Decorative Bricks

If you don’t want to invest too much money into new additions to your backyard (or if there are parts that are too steep for anything else), bricks are a cheap way of adding another level to what you already have!

They come in many different colors and sizes so there’s no limit on what you could do with them. There are even specially designed bricks available for planting flowers and vegetables which can be used either vertically or horizontally.

Whatever you decide to do with them, don’t forget about the concrete anchors! They’ll make sure that the ground is secure enough for your brick structures.

5. Install a Water Feature

Adding a water feature to your garden doesn’t have to break the bank – all you need is access to water somewhere in your yard (even if it’s just a hose).

Whether you choose fountains or ponds, just remember that they need maintenance like any other outdoor object.

Be mindful of how deep and wide they are because small children may fall in unexpectedly, and make sure that any electrical components like pumps are covered by grates when not in use.

Get Help from a Professional Landscape Designer

The most important element of any landscape design is the layout. When deciding on a layout, think about what you want your property to look like in 10 years and make decisions accordingly. If you’re not sure where to start, reach out for help from a professional landscaper.

At Thomas Baskind Landscape Design, we guide you through the process and give advice on which plants will work best in your climate.