Top 10 Bathroom Makeover Ideas: Easy On The Pocket

Do you regard your bathroom as one of the most vital parts of your house? Do you start and finish your day with your bathroom? So why not give this significant space a little love and care? It is true that the bathroom is one of the most pricey areas in the house to renovate, but there are plenty of things you can do to upgrade it without breaking your bank. Wondering what they are? Let’s get to know.

Paint your bathroom:

An average person spends around one and a half years of their life in the bathroom. Therefore, it is crucial that it looks pleasant.

Adding a fresh coat of paint to its walls can do magic. Since bathrooms tend to be small, go for colors that add extra space to the area. Choose the paint, which is easier to clean and better resistant to moisture. Consider bright or neutral shades such as beige, yellow and white. These tones add a soothing setting to the room.

Since your bathroom will need a little painting as the majority of wall space is taken up with tile, mirrors showers, you can try painting it yourself. Alternatively, you can think using water-resistant wallpapers that have a thick vinyl coating. It is easy to put them on the wall.

Upgrade your bathroom floor:

If your bathroom floor is in a pathetic condition, it is better you replace it as the repairing cost will be similar to new flooring. However, if you think the floor tiles can work for a few more years, tile refinishing can save some dollars for sure. Tile refinishing is the process of making the old tile look like new with the use of specialized equipment, bonding agents and primers.

Install a corner sink:

It is a fact, a bathroom plays a sizeable role in increasing and decreasing the overall value of your house; hence it should be nice from every aspect. If you find pedestal sink disrupts walk-around condition, install a corner sink. Small things like this one can improve your bathroom to a large extent.

Strategically placed art:

The living room isn’t the only place in your house where you can showcase your creativity. If you want to give your bathroom an artistic appearance, you can add brightly colored pieces of art or mirrors to your bathroom’s wall. As mirrors reflect light, even your small bathroom will appear larger.

Keep it mess-free:

One of the simplest ways to keep your bathroom neat and appear large is to organize the space smartly. Buy a rack to hang your wash-clothes from. Keep all your cosmetics in a wicker basket. Place toilet paper on the stand. These small things can go the longest way in making your bathroom an excellent place.

Update your accessories:

A new towel and shower curtain can do a lot to change the look and feel of your bathroom. If you have painted bathroom walls in a neutral shade, opt for accessories that are vibrant in pattern and bright in color.

Change your bath mat

A dirty bath mat can make your entire bathroom look untidy. If you have one, then it should be immediately replaced. You may get tufted wool rugs which are a soft and better substitute for a bath mat. The best thing about such rugs is, they get better as they fade that means you won’t need to replace them frequently.

Refinish your bathtub:

The replacement cost of your bathtub can alone use up all your money, it is better you consider it to be your last possible option. You can try bathroom refinishing or relining, especially if the problem is cosmetic like a yellowed surface, minor nicks, and cracks. These things can be dealt easily with refinishing.

Get new hardware for your cabinets:

Buying and installing new cabinets can be quite costly. One cheaper way to bring life to your old bathroom cabinets is to replace their old hardware. Be sure that its screw alignment is matching up exactly with the holes on your existing cabinets so that you don’t need to drill new holes.

Replace your sink faucet and toilet if they are outdated:

A small faucet leak can waste hundreds of gallons of water in as little as a year. If you notice your sink faucet leaks or isn’t in good working order, change it instantly. Replacing an outdated faucet is not tricky at all as you might think. You can tackle the situation with an ordinary basin wrench. It shouldn’t take more than half an hour.

Similarly, if you often have to deal with a clogged toilet or you notice cracks in the porcelain, you should get your toilet replaced.

Although it is important to hire a plumber, sometimes you can manage without them. If you have the strength to carry a toilet, you can avoid calling a plumber to replace your old toilet. Installing of toilet does not include any major hookups, the hardest part of the process is physically moving the toilet into place. There are some inexpensive hand trucks available in the market that can help you with that or you can seek the help of your friend.


Most of us don’t realize the importance of our bathroom until we really need to use it. But the reality is, it is a part of our everyday life regardless of age and reason. There are a lot of benefits of remodeling a bathroom such as it gives you relaxing effect, more storage space and above all, it is an opportunity to increase the value of your house. So, if you think your bathroom needs redecoration or update, go for it.  We hope ideas mentioned in this blog will help you give your bathroom a whole new look without spending a lot of money.

Author Bio:

Cole is a home improvement enthusiast who likes to share tips for turning a house into a warm home. He’s with St. Charles Bathtub Refinishing Co., a local restoration business that repairs and reglazes shower tiles, sinks and bathtubs in Illinois.