Top 5 Benefits Of Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are basically protective doors or windows that feature a series of horizontal slats designed to protect your home against the effects of rain, wind and fire. They are also strong enough to protect you from thieves and vandals. The use of roller shutters is not limited to just doors and windows or as protective barriers. You might find them used as insulators on windows to prevent the damage caused by a hailstorm.

To open or shut them, you would have to raise it and “shut it”. For windows, this is typically done manually but if you are using them on regular doors or a very large entryway like your garage, you may want to opt for the motorized one that sees you conducting these same motions at the flick of a button. When they are closed, you lock them to secure them in place and this action can be either manual or automatic.

Roller shutters come in different shapes and sizes

You have the square roller shutter which is the most common type and then you have the round roller shutters which are mostly used in small spaces. Either of them can be customised to fit the space that you need them for. Size and dimensions are not the only things that dictate the type of roller shutter you should use. Your home needs can determine what kind of roller shutter works best. For a more flexible approach to your window needs, you could opt for a roller shutter with tilting louvres. Those who love the effect of Venetian Blinds would appreciate this.

When interpreting the needs of your home, you could take things a step further by deciding on how hands on you want to be with your windows or doors. Electric roller shutters give you control of the window or door at the flick of a button. Battery operated roller shutters offer you the same ease of operation with the only difference being the need to use a battery for the control panel. These are pricier than the manual roller shutters. So, if your budget is a major concern, you already know what type of roller shutter to go for. Now, even if they are operated manually, it is still somewhat easy to operate especially for small doors and windows.

Besides the many options you have and the convenience of use that they provide, roller shutters have immense benefits that bring more value to your life and your home.


Unlike the traditional windows that thieves and burglars can tamper with from the outside, roller shutters can only be operated on from the inside. It seals completely shut leaving no room for any tool that might be used to pick locks. In other words, roller shutters offer you the comfort of knowing that you can go to bed without the fear of unwanted guest gaining access into your home.

Climate Control

They also protect you from escalating temperatures outside. So, if it is extremely hot outside, you can keep out 90% of the heat and if it is cold outside, you can keep out 70% of the cold.

Energy Saver

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that having the ability to control the effects of climate in your home goes on to bring about a reduction in your energy expenses. In situations where your Air Conditioner would have had to expend twice the energy to keep your home cool, you find yourself turning it on for lesser hours. Same goes for the heater during the cooler months.

Prevent Fires

Certain weather conditions can create a hostile environment for your homes. Places that are susceptible to fire outbreaks can cause homeowners to worry about the safety of their properties especially in the hot summer months when the threat of fires become imminent in certain states. Roller shutters can prevent disasters like these from happening. There are specific brands take things up a notch by designing roller shutters with the unique ability to withstand heat for a long period of time without burning up. This prevents the fire from entering into your home and then spreading to other parts of the house.

Privacy and Noise Control

Keep your business at home private with the help of a roller shutter. The slats hinged together can be manipulated to give you absolute privacy. And not just from people. It keeps the light of the sun out too. So, for those days when you don’t feel like going out and just want to lie in, the roller shutter offers the convenience of regulating how much sunlight gets into your own place. Got some noisy construction work going on down your street and are tired of the annoying sound interfering with the ambience in your home? No problem. A good roller shutter can keep your immediate environment noise free.

There are so many amazing things that the roller shutter can do for you. Contact your nearest roller shutter specialist to learn more about the benefits of roller shutters.