Top 5 Mangas That Involve Gambling

We take a trip to Japan as we aim to learn more in the Novibet Casino world. The Asian giant is popular for its innovative technologies, karate, samurai warriors, amongst others. However, this article focuses on manga comics and gambling. Although there may be questions raised about the connection between games, online slots and manga, this article definitely discovers the links. We’ll be focusing on the top 5 mangas that are related to gambling.

Firstly, Manga stands for whimsical pictures and it’s a popular term used to describe comics that originate from Japan. These comics are largely popular in Japan and worldwide and they cover various aspects including comedy, mystery, adventure, romance, gambling, sports, sci-fi, and others. Based on some research carried out, we have arrived at these top five mangas that involve gambling.

  1. Kaiji

This manga series is known by the name Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji cum Ultimate Survivor Kaiji. This manga which was created in 1996 presents the art of gambling and shouldn’t be associated with the Kaiju slot.

It is based on the main character Kaiji Ito, who always attempts to escape from debts, as he is a poor man who gambles with his neighbors and never wins. Subsequently, he finds his life being threatened and then discovers that he possesses a secret gambling power which saves him from many unpleasant occurrences.

  1. Kakegurui

This second manga series that involves gambling is Kakegurui also known as Compulsive Gambler.  It has an original plot and presents the Hyakkaaou Private Academy which enlightens children from the wealthy and influential Japanese families. The children must all participate in a very dangerous game.

The school has a gambling system in place that allows children to bet against each other. They put their fortunes at stake with the potential of suffering a terrifying outcome.  Students who fail to contribute as a result of their debts become house pets, meanwhile, those who fail to settle their debts till their school days draw to a close receive Life Schedules which influence their careers and their entire life. However, Yumeko Jabami brings about a change with his extraordinary ability to identify gambling scams when he joins the school as a student.

  1. Gamble Fish

This is another popular Japanese manga that is based on the story of a 14-year-old boy named Tomu Shirasagi, who is the son of an infamous trickster Yumeichirou Shirasagi. He enrolls at the famous Shishidou Academy where he quickly discovers that he is not an ordinary man. He discovers his trait as an expert con artist and proceeds to reveal the darker side of the academy

  1. Akagi

It is known as the Genius who descended into darkness and was published in 1991 before it gathered popularity.  The main character is Shigeru Akagi, who defeats a yakuza member in a game called mahjong, a tiled based game with Chinese origins.

He defeats the expert yakuza member in mahjong, proceeds to disappear and becomes a legend. One day, he returns to play the final game against his ultimate rival, Iwao Wahizu, the unofficial leader of the Japanese underworld.

  1. The Liar Game

This one is our last and is based on a remarkably honest student known as Nao Kanzaki who receives a package with $1 million inside. The package also contains a note which notes her invitation to the Liar Game Tournament.

The Liar Game Tournament encourages players to lie and cheat, while the losers are required to pay debts which are proportional to their losses. At a point, Kanzaki strikes a deal with a con man named Shinichi Akiyama, after which they proceed through the stages of the tournament together whilst trying to free their opponents from debts and destroy the Liar Game organization.