Top 5 Most Common Causes of Clogged Drains

Top 5 Most Common Causes of Clogged Drains

Drains are pretty helpful in the house and on the streets too. They ensure that water flows in the right areas and homes don’t flood when it rains. But these drains can be a bit hectic to maintain if you don’t care for them. It is quite expensive trying to unclog the drain once they are blocked. You’d rather huts watch out for the causes of blockage. Here are the top five causes of clogged drains.

Grease and Fat

Most sewer plumbing drains are connected, from the ones in the houses to the ones on the streets. It means that if you don’t care for the ones in the house, the ones on the roads will block too. One of the causes of drain blockage is grease and fat. When you wash your utensils, and they are a bit greasy, this may allow the grease to go down the drains and block them. It won’t happen at once, though; this takes time for the drains to clog. The more you do it, the more dangerous you are making it.


Your strands of hair may seem too small to block a drainage pipe, but they do. This, too, happens over time as you build up hair down the plug. When they build up to a certain level, you will notice that water won’t pass through easily. At times water won’t pass through the pipe altogether. When this happens, it will create a massive problem as it may signify a bigger problem than what you see. To stop this from ever happening to your system, you need to use products that catch hair before getting to the drains. You can also ensure that you check for accumulation every once to ensure no hairs are there.


Some toiletries will clog the drains without you knowing. Though most toilet papers are meant to go down the toilet, they too can cause blockage. This happens mostly when you use excessive amounts of it at the same time. The other toiletries that cause blockage are wipes. There is this new idea of flushable wipes. These, too, can easily clog the drains in your toilet. It would help if you assumed that all wipes aren’t flushable and never send any down your toilet.


Leaves can also be a cause for blockage in your drains. For example, these leaves can fall in the outside drains and block them. The idea here is to ensure that all trees in your backyard are properly maintained to ensure leaves don’t fall all over the place.

Foreign Objects

Any foreign object that goes down your drain has a high chance of blocking the pipes. All the above ideas are foreign objects that can easily find themselves down the drain. You need to look out for soaps, nappies, sanitary items, and several others.

Some of The Ways Your Drain May be Clogged

You need to protect your drainage systems from blockage, and repair will cost a whole lot. Here are some of the common causes of blockage in your drains. Look out for them and also ensure you do your best to maintain the systems.