Top 5 Reasons Why Your AC is not Working

Top 5 Reasons Why Your AC is not Working

AC units not working properly, especially in hot weather conditions in Texas, are always a hassle. Many reasons could lead to the malfunctioning of the AC unit, but there are a few common reasons. Knowing these issues doesn’t mean that you can fix them on your own. But understanding why your AC unit is not working properly can help get faster assistance from air conditioning repair Arlington TX technicians. Keep on reading to learn the top five reasons why your air conditioner is not working properly.

AC isn’t working, #Reason 1- Low Refrigerant.

If you feel that there is a drop in the cooling of your AC unit or warmer home. Low refrigerant levels could be the possible reason behind this. With time it is common for AC units to develop cracks from which leaks, causing low refrigerant levels in your AC. Even a small drop in the refrigerant levels can negatively affect AC performance. Refrigerant is a chemical coolant that removes the room’s heat and humidity and thus lowers the room temperature.

If your AC unit is facing this issue then, it is best to call AC repair Arlington Texas experts. As filling up the refrigerant to the company specified levels is not enough. These HVAC experts will do a thought inspection of the system to find leaks and repair holes. This all could take a lot of time if there are multiple leaks involved.

AC isn’t working, #Reason 2 – Thermostat Malfunction

In case your air conditioner suddenly stops working or doesn’t start at all, the thermostat is the first place you should check. This issue is common in case your AC unit has old dial-type thermostats. These thermostats are not properly calibrated and thus fail to give the right instructions to Ac unit from the control system. An HVAC technician can fix these types of issues by replacing or recalibrating the thermostats.’

However, programmable thermostats are a bit tricky to program and there is always a possibility to set them incorrectly. Thus it is recommended to call AC repair experts so that you don’t have to face any similar issue in the future.

AC isn’t Working, #Reason 3 – Fan Setting.

After the thermostat issue, this is one of the most common reasons why your AC unit is not working properly. Most users don’t know that their AC unit fan has more than one setting. If you don’t know about AC unit fan speed, then you are up for a surprise. Similar to ceiling or table fans, AC units come with three fan settings – low, medium, and high. If your fan speed is not optimized correctly then, this could cause comfort problems.

In case the fan speed is set too high, this means an overactive AC unit. Overactive AC unit means high energy consumption and more cost of running than usual. However, low fan speed could increase humidity levels in the room, cause more discomfort.

AC isn’t Working, #Reason 4 – Condenser Issues

The condenser unit is outside your home and contains components like an air compressor, cooling fins, air tube, and fan in the air conditioner. The condenser unit is responsible for sucking air in the unit with the help of the fan, cooling down air with the compressor unit, and passing the air to the vents through the tubes. The most common issue with air compressors in AC units is air filters getting clogged. When an air fan sucks in air, it also pulls random material present in the air that clogs the air filter. If your air filter is clogged, make sure you switch off the air unit and clean the filter thoroughly. While cleaning, be careful not to damage any inner components of the condenser unit.

Careless outdoor landscaping can also affect the performance of the condenser unit. Outside plants and shrubs near the condenser unit can obstruct the airflow or could cover the unit with dirt and leaves. This could result in an overburden of the condenser unit, leading to system failure or inefficient cooling. It is recommended to have at least two to three feet distance between the condenser unit and plants or backyard structure.

AC isn’t Working, #Reason 4: Buying Big or Small AC units.

Well, this is not an issue but can be a reason why your air conditioner unit is not working efficiently. Every home or office has specific needs, and it is critical to choose an AC unit with the right specification to get the experience. If you buy an air conditioner just because it’s working well for your neighbor.Then, there are chances that you might experience issues with the working of the air conditioner. AC units are not one size fits all but custom-built depending on space requirements. Think of them as a customized solution to ensure that you end with an AC unit of the right specification.

If you end up buying an AC unit that is too big or small in comparison to the space. Then, your AC unit will find it difficult to maintain a pleasant temperature in the home. If the AC unit is big in comparison to the room then, there are hot spots in the room. This is because the AC unit will cycle on and off quickly, thus creating hot spots in the room. A small AC unit will run continuously to maintain a pleasant temperature in the room. This means higher energy bills and a shorter lifespan of AC units due to the longer hours of operation.

Wrapping up

These are some of the major reasons why your AC unit isn’t working or cooling effectively. As soon as you experience any irregularity or slow down in the performance of your AC unit, it is best to call AC repair in Arlington, tx  technician for a proper diagnosis of the air conditioner. Remember, maintenance is the key to the healthy running of AC. Call HVAC service providers for timely maintenance so that you can stay cool even in hot weather conditions.