Top 5 styles of doorknobs

Top 5 styles of doorknobs

A door is the first point of contact in your home or room, it is an element of your house’s infrastructure that helps you feel secure. Similarly, a doorknob is an essential part of a door, as it is the element that drives it. There are various types of doorknobs, each of which has its specialty and convenience. This is the reason people are quite picky while selecting doorknobs as some are more inclined towards secure doorknobs whereas others prefer attractive ones. All thanks to the progression in the doorknobs, one can have both the features nowadays.

There is a range of doorknobs available in the market according to the people’s preferences and requirements. Some people choose doorknobs according to as per the theme and design of their furniture whereas others only focus on its quality of use. Since the crime rate is increasing, people are tired of burglary in their houses, therefore, they prefer to have complex lock doorknobs which may seem ugly but are strong and durable, providing ultimate security. Different doorknobs have different advantages, each of these has an edge over the other, thus, need, purpose, and the choice is important while buying the doorknob for your door.

Here are the different styles of door handles, each of these is unique and attractive in its ways:

Privacy lockset

Privacy lockset is an interior lockset designed especially for privacy and with less focus on security. They are easy to install and very light in weight. They are ideal for those who have budget constraints as they are very cheap. People prefer to install them in their rooms which can be done with minimum harm to your door. They are strictly forbidden for the main doors as they are very easy to break or unlock. The privacy lockset consists of a sealing button on the inside part of the door which can be either knobbed or levered to open it. It is available in a variety of sizes and designs as per the requirement of the user. In emergency cases, they can be easily unlocked simply by injecting narrow objects outside of the lock. This is the reason they are known as a privacy lock and cannot be used as a security lock.

Entry lockset

The Entry Lockset Door Knobs are two-way door handles with locksets. The locksets are installed on either side of the door, both of which are identical. They are entirely different from the Privacy door Knob and more secure than them as they can be locked from both outside and inside. There is also an entry locket that is not identical, part of which is installed outside with the keyspace to open the lock. They are opened by unlocking them through the key as you turn the handle down. The entry locksets are also preferred in rooms as they are also light weighted and easy to snap. This is the reason, they cannot be used as front door lockset and are known as a medium-security lock. However, the entry lockset is very much preferred for kids’ rooms and other bedrooms in the house.

Deadbolt lock

Deadbolt lock doorknob is the highest-rated security lockset, therefore, they are preferred for the main entrance or room door that you intend to keep extremely guarded or protected. It provides you the tightest security, as it is a very complex lock system. Also, it doesn’t consist of any spring, you need to unlock it with a key that is the reason it is called a deadlock. Deadbolt Lock helps to prevent people from meddling with the door as it locks the bolt to the frame of the door. These doorknobs locks are designed to fit the door. There are two types of Deadbolt locks, one is of single-cylinder which consists of a key opening space on the inside while the other type is a double-cylinder deadbolt lock which consists of key spaces on both the sides. Single-cylinder is mostly used in wood or solid metal doors while the double cylinder is used on glass doors. However, there is one drawback of deadbolt lock doorknob which is its complex structure which can be risky in cases of emergency as if the key is misplaced then it’ll be impossible to unlock the door.

Mortise lock doorknob

Mortise lock doorknob contains a flat, rectangular box that fixes on the edges of the door. It has two plates with both sides consisting of keyholes and levers. It is available on both sides left and right side and can be operated from either side provided it is not locked from the outside. It can be used for main doors made up of a heavy entrance, apartment buildings, or residential homes. They are relatively less preferred in the rooms as they are very expensive.

Lever handles

Lever handles doorknobs require lots of grasping and wristwork to operate while the lever of the handle is very easy to hold. They are very user-friendly and recommended for rooms in big houses. They can be costly but it varies what size you are buying and the quality.


In conclusion, doorknob selection depends on the choice of the house owner, but few factors need to be taken into account. These include the security concern, the aesthetic sense, and the choice of the person who wishes to install it. There may be people with medical conditions or allergy with a particular material therefore that also needs to be taken care of before opting for a specific doorknob.