Top 6 Tools Every Contractor Needs to Invest In

Top 6 Tools Every Contractor Needs to Invest In

A contractor’s tools are just as important as the skills they possess to build something great. Without the proper equipment, the job will be much harder and the quality of the construction may be less than desirable.

Apart from the logical safety kit, every contractor should invest in good quality tools that will make sure the job is done properly. Here are the six most important tools every contractor will need to buy.

A Level

Ever see a building where the walls didn’t line up or a sign that isn’t quite straight? The only way to get around this is to invest in a level that tells you exactly when a line is straight or not. You cannot just eyeball your measurements and take your best guess. You need to accurately measure every cut, drill, and brick so that your building looks neat and professional.

Power Tools

No contractor is complete without a power drill, angle grinder, and various saws. You will need a circular saw, nail guns, electrical sanders, and a strong oscillating tool that is used for drywall and floor installation. The type of power tool will depend on if you need transportability and what your electrical socket situation looks like. There is more power in an externally powered drill or saw than in a battery-operated one.

If you are working on something particularly complicated, you will want an electric power tool that won’t break as often, and comes with an extended warranty. Your drill bits will also be reliant on the substance you are drilling into. For tiles and ceramics, you normally need a much sturdier diamond drill bit, but you also need to keep it moisturised. It can be a simple water spray bottle that you use to keep the bit from overheating, which prevents the tiles from cracking.

More Than One Ladder

A ladder is one of the first things a contractor needs to buy. How else do you expect to get to the hard-to-reach places or climb onto a roof? Ladders can also protect you when you need to work high up, but what kind do you need? There are ladders for every height requirement, so you may need more than one ladder to complete various jobs. Ladder hire is an option if you think you will need a few. It can also save you money instead of purchasing multiple ones with different heights that will only be used once or twice.

Basic Measuring Tools

Apart from the big stuff, every contractor will need basic tools that are used regularly. Think about wrenches to fix a leaking tap or a tape measure that helps with precision. Other basic tools like a pencil, sanding belt, and hammer are essential for any construction business. Tool rental can be cost-effective compared to purchasing numerous items to complete your tool bag. Once you start using the tools more often though, it will be better to invest in a set all for yourself.


A wheelbarrow will help to carry tools and dirt back and forth, but you can also use it to mix concrete and save yourself some money on a concrete mixer. A wheelbarrow can take a lot of weight and it’s easy to move around. It’s the next best thing to a shovel and you can get different sizes depending on your contracting job.

Some wheelbarrows these days are electrically powered, which makes the job even easier. Instead of lugging heavy concrete or sand all day, you can give your back a rest. These can be expensive though, so weigh up the pros and cons first.


You cannot be expected to cut into hard surfaces with just a hammer or saw. Concrete especially needs a strong, high-powered jackhammer that will get through even the toughest of floors and walls. Sometimes called demolition hammers, every contractor will need one at some point. If you have to build over an existing floor or lay water pipes, you need a quality jackhammer that will do the job properly. There are various sizes for all different types of jobs, and generally the bigger the jackhammer, the more you can do with it.

These are just a few of the major tools that every contractor needs when building, and some will be more important than others. Don’t neglect the basics like a tool belt and screwdriver set because you will use these items more often. Wherever possible, invest in electric-powered items, and only opt for portable tools such as wrenches and ladders.