Top Carpet Cleaning Perth Methods Used By Companies

Top Carpet Cleaning Perth Methods Used By Companies

When choosing a carpet cleaning Perth company for your home or business, there are many choices available. So, it is critical to understand the various types of carpet cleaning procedures utilised by different companies since not all methods will work for your carpet.

The following are the many kinds of carpet cleaning available on the market:

Cleaning with Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction cleaning, called steam carpet cleaning, uses high pressurised hot water to remove contaminants in the carpet and agitate the carpet fibres. Hot water extraction cleaning generally entails applying a cleaning solution to the dirty area, agitating the carpet with a brush, and washing.

After letting the cleaning agent settle in the carpet for a short time, the carpet will be “washed” using a carpet cleaning machine to thoroughly rinse the cleaning agent before being permitted to dry in an air-conditioned environment or room.

Carpet Shampooing

Shampoo carpet cleaning was common until the 1970s, when encapsulation technology was launched. While shampooing looks to clean severely dirty carpet, the technology’s drawbacks – leaving a large amount of wet foam excess in the carpet that takes a long duration to dry. However, it becomes sticky as it dries since no rinsing is done after shampooing, and quick re-soiling of carpet makes this procedure less famous than others.


When foam encapsulation dries, it crystallises into powder form due to synthetic detergents as a foundation. Moreover, when the cleaning foam dries, the dirt particles loosened in carpet fibre will be trapped into powder.

The method of foam encapsulation has surpassed the carpet shampooing technique because it utilises less water during the cleaning process, resulting in a quicker drying time than carpet shampooing. Those who promote environmentally friendly solutions have given the foam encapsulation cleaning a thumbs up since after cleaning. There is less chemical residue left behind compared to caustic cleaning.

Although this approach has produced good cleaning results, it has not been able to clean severe soiling carpets thoroughly due to technological limitations.

Bonnets Cleaning

The method of cleaning the top section of the carpet fibre using a high duty motorised equipment using a spinning pad that has been soaked in a cleaning solution to absorb grime from the carpet surface produces good surface cleaning results.

Bonneting is famous in hotels because it provides a rapid option for cleaning carpet in high-traffic areas that need carpet to be cleaned without much wetness and dried quickly to prevent disruption to hotel guests.

Dirt beneath the carpet emerges to the surface in a short amount of time because bonneting does not clean the carpet deeply, leading the carpet to get dirty again rapidly. Bonneting also causes the chemical residue to accumulate in the carpet because the pressure from the heavy appliance on the spinning pad pushes the applied chemical and residual debris into the carpet.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning, also known as compound washing, is a new cleaning method that has garnered acceptance and approval from top carpet producers due to its excellent cleaning performance and simplicity, and it does not need drying time.

This technique is regarded as relatively new in comparison to other traditional wet carpet cleaning procedures that have been trusted and utilised for a long time. However, several people are still sceptical of its usefulness.

The cleaning compound or powder injection into the bottom section of the carpet with a motorised counter spinning brush device enables the mixture to settle within and open up the carpet fibre, resulting in complete deep carpet cleaning. Cleaning agents are often made of biodegradable polymers that function as micro-sponges, efficiently absorbing dissolved substances.

Various manufacturing companies differentiate themselves by developing their cleaning chemical or powder formula and customising the design and implementation of their equipment.

Dry carpet cleaning Perth is safe for all carpet kinds and is excellent for business workplaces that must operate seven days a week, 24 hours a day, since office activities must not be interrupted during the carpet cleaning process.