Top Interior Design Trends in the 2000’s

The styles of the early and mid aughts are all the rage these days, both in

fashion and in home design. Who knew they should have kept their low-rise flares and Von Dutch hats around?

We know what you may be thinking– “I’ve already lived through this era once; Does it really need to have a resurge already?”

The answer is complicated. Yes, the 2000’s may have had some questionable trends to say the least. Yes, it may seem a bit early for these fads to make their way back into mainstream acceptance. But it’s undeniable that some design trends from this time were actually quite classic and still hold up well today. They’re not all great, but many designs of this time actually were.

We’ve decided to showcase which ones were our absolute favourites or at least the most recognised in order to a.) Evoke nostalgia and b.) Get you thinking about which trends you’re ready to start rocking again!

It was hard to narrow it down, but here are our top picks for most popular interior design ideas all throughout the 2000’s:

  • Nautical Home Decor: We do not know exactly what inspired this trend, but we know it was abundant to say the least. Stripes, anchors, thick sea rope and shells graced every living room, whether you lived near the beach or not. This style can seem gimmicky when done poorly, but the right nautical accents are actually quite charming.
  • Shabby-Chic Furniture & Accessories: It was also very common in the 2000’s for every lampshade and lounge chair to look like it collided with a craft supply store. We’re talking patchwork, pom-poms, baubles, bric-a-brac and more affixed to every black space. Aspects of shabby-chic design are coming back now, but in subtler doses.
  • Tuscan Kitchens: This was a Mediterranean-inspired style especially embraced in the early 00’s, but present throughout the later years as well. Tuscan design is far from traditional Italian, yet still endures given it’s look of effortless luxury.
  • Wallpaper Borders: In bathrooms, children’s bedrooms and even some living rooms, wallpaper borders in a variety of prints and patterns were quite common. 

  • Plantation Shutters: Shutters are perhaps the most timeless item on this list, as they are not just stylish but functional as well. Although a simple, European white shutter has proved popular in years past, current styles of plantation shutters in Melbourne and elsewhere are pushing boundaries in terms of colours and materials used.
  • Exposed Brick Walls and Light Fixtures: Perhaps it’s because revamped warehouse spaces became popular in the last decade or maybe because Edison-era aesthetic gained popularity, but for one reason or another, bare-bones design surged in trendiness around the same time. The most obvious examples are bare brick walls and shade-free, old-school light bulbs, both of which are still pretty trendy.
  • Kitsch: Intentionally tacky, ironic and vintage-inspired decor made up a large proportion of design in the 2000’s. Neon string lights, Victorian-themed accessories and other retro items fall within this category. In the right doses, kitschy items can be fun and playful ways to add personality to your living space.
  • Scandinavian Design: Any furniture or accessories that are plain yet tasteful, defined by simple shapes and exhibiting high-quality craftsmanship are likely Scandinavian designs or inspired by them. This trend is another that has been popular for ages and doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon.
  • DIY & Upcycling Projects: For personal and ethical reasons, many people jumped on the bandwagon of crafty, do-it-yourself projects and home goods in the 2000’s. As a result, the era was filled with decoupage vases, spray painted frames, pallet-constructed coffee tables and similar upcycled items. For the sake of the environment, we hope this trend sticks around.

It may seem like just yesterday that these top interior design trends were prolific. In fact, you may even have some present in your current home! 

What are your favourite and least favourite design trends of the 2000’s?