Touch Australia

Touch Australia

Touch Australia is the power of maximum cleaning. It came to our rescue in difficult times.

Touch Australia, which sells disinfectant needs, which is indispensable for cleaning, has been always with us since the beginning of the pandemic process.

It offers solutions for hand disinfectants, surface disinfectants and equipment.

As you can easily use the solutions it offers in daily life, it also provides maximum hygiene in professional use.

The ingredients of the products are not harmful to human health. Production is done respectful to the environment and nature. There are no experimental studies on animals.

Disinfectants, which can be used in areas where cleaning with soap and water is not possible, are very practical, do not need to be dried, washed and rinsed after use, also have alcoholic or non-alcoholic options.


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It can be preferred in different usage areas. It can be used on the skin with peace of mind.

You can also use surface disinfectants in risky areas such as kitchens. It can be used with peace of mind in areas such as children and operating rooms.

Touch Australia hand sanitiser acts quickly after use. It satisfies the need for instant cleaning. It is completely beneficial to the skin and does not cause any side effects.

It creates safe living spaces by removing bacteria and viruses on the applied area. Since it does not contain dyes and parabens, you can safely use it in any environment. Anti-allergic disinfectants are also suitable for use on sensitive skin.

You can request a trial product by reviewing all Touch Australia products on the website. You can order the products in bulk or individually.

You can pay for the products you have purchased by using one of the methods of credit card or EFT / money order, payment at the door.

Delivery is made to the address you want.