Under Lock And Key: Modern Day Home Security

Gone are the days where it was commonplace for people to leave their front doors unlocked and open to the world, ready for friendly visits from neighbours, family and friends. Today’s modern world is more secure than ever before, with smart locks and doorbells that ensure you can always know who is at your door – even if you are away from home at work, on holiday or even in another country.

If you have recently purchased a home or are looking to upgrade your home and want to ensure you have the best security to protect your family against unwelcome trespassers, consider the following inspiration from our list of up-to-date security hardware and technology;

Traditional Hardware

Many people prefer to start at the basics and ensure they have advanced security and locking hardware for their home before adding any technological advances that need an always-on connection. Finding the right door lock depends on the door in question, whether you are looking to secure an external door or require additional protection for an internal room.

For internal rooms, a simple key lock with deadlock can help prevent little hands and inquisitive youngsters getting into areas they shouldn’t, whereas you’ll likely to want something more heavy duty for your front or back door. A modern sash lock often includes hardened steel plates to prevent unwanted visitors drilling into and disabling your door lock combined with a security door bolt or rack bolt can give you peace of mind against anyone making it past your door using brute force.

Internet Of Things Hardware

Home Security

With improved internet connections comes the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things relates to smart devices with an always-on connection that enable you to have control whether in the room or connecting from halfway across the world. Wherever you have internet, you have control over your IoT devices.

Home security devices are growing in popularity, especially those supported by the Internet of Things and entire systems have become available in recent years, working in combination with automatic blinds, internet controlled windows and even front doors that cannot be unlocked without the authorised and connected mobile device. While these types of modern systems still have some kinks they need to work through (unsecured IP cameras for instance) they are rapidly growing in popularity with many people aiming to have a comprehensive ‘smart home’ in which all of their devices are always connected and can be controlled from their smartphone or tablet device.

If you are considering building a modern-day smart security home system, you can invest in the following hardware devices;

  • Smart controlled doorbell that allows you to see who is at your door and communicate with them via a two-way speaker
  • Internet of Things Security Cameras that turn on when they detect movement (power saving) and alert you or set to record when activity is detected. Some cameras offer a two-way speaker that allows you to address trespassers and discourage them from venturing further on your property
  • Smart locks that can only be disengaged using connected software, whether via a smartphone app or browser-based login or must be unlocked with a connected phone device.
  • Smart fire alarms – connected to your smartphone or tablet device, these smart fire alarms don’t just alert you to detected heat or smoke but immediately reach out to relevant emergency services, ensuring help is on its way so you can focus on getting you and your family out of the building.

Many of these smart home kits can be installed as a DIY project, however if you lack the confidence, it’s always advisable to reach out to a professional who will install and thoroughly test your equipment, whether you are investing in traditional hardware or smart home security. Don’t put your home or family security to chance, invest in quality home security today.