Understanding Amazon Handmade Fees: A Guide for Artisans and Craftsmen

Understanding Amazon Handmade Fees: A Guide for Artisans and Craftsmen

The modern age of technology has allowed artisans and craftsmen to grow their businesses far beyond their local communities. Anyone, no matter where they are in the world, can access an artisan’s handmade goods through online marketplaces like Amazon Handmade. Many artisans choose to sell on Amazon because of the increased visibility and potential for increased sales. However, there are fees associated with using Amazon Handmade that artisans need to understand to ensure they receive the appropriate amount of payment for their work. This guide will help artisans navigate the complicated world of Amazon Handmade Fees.

What Are the Fees?

Amazon Handmade fees are calculated as a percentage of the sale price, similar to other platforms. However, there are a few fees that artisans need to keep in mind:

  • Referral Fee: Amazon takes a 15% referral fee on the sale price of each item, which covers payment processing, fraud protection, and customer service.
  • Subscription Fee: There is a monthly subscription fee of $39.99, which grants access to the Handmade section of Amazon.
  • Shipping Fee: Amazon offers two options for shipping: fulfilled by Amazon, or fulfilled by the seller. When using the former option, Amazon charges a fee for shipping, handling, and storage while fulfilling the order. If the latter option is chosen, the seller is responsible for shipping and handling charges.

How to Factor in Fees When Pricing Products

To ensure that they receive their desired profit from each sale, artisans must consider the Amazon Handmade fees when pricing their products. One strategy is to add the 15% referral fee to the selling price of the item. The seller will still receive their base price while covering their fees.

Using this formula, an item priced at $50 will have a referral fee of $7.50, making the total amount paid by the buyer $57.50. To receive the desired $50 payout from Amazon, the seller will need to charge $42.50 for the item, which would be their base price.

How to Maintain Profitability with Shipping

Shipping is another factor that influences profitability. By choosing to fulfill orders themselves, artisans have more control over the total cost of shipping. This is because Amazon has a flat rate for shipping, which might reflect an inflated cost for heavier or larger items.

To find the best shipping option for their budget, sellers can compare prices of shipping providers and explore packing options to reduce weight and size. They can also consider utilizing shipping software, which would provide options for rate shopping, label printing, and tracking.

How to Optimize Amazon Handmade for the Best Results

Amazon Handmade offers various tools and features for further enhancing visibility and sales. Sellers should add multiple images showcasing the product, write detailed and unique product descriptions, encourage customer feedback, and offer new products regularly to maximize their exposure on the platform.

More importantly, it is essential to stay up to date with Amazon Handmade’s policies and rules to prevent account suspension. Amazon requires sellers to comply with their policies on terms of service, shipping, and product quality.

Earning a living as an artisan or craftsman is hard enough, but selling your handmade goods can be even more challenging. That’s why artisans are now turning to platforms like Amazon Handmade to sell their goods online. However, one of the major concerns of artisans selling on Amazon Handmade is the fee structure. This article is a comprehensive guide on understanding Amazon Handmade fees for artisans and craftsmen.

1. Amazon Handmade Fees: An Overview

Amazon Handmade is a marketplace that allows artisans to sell their handmade items online. Amazon Handmade offers a wide range of products, including jewelry, home decor, toys, and clothing. Amazon Handmade charges sellers a fee to sell on their platform and depending on the sale price, the fee can vary from 12% to 15%.

How to Sell Handmade Jewelry on Handmade at Amazon

2. Categories and Fees

Amazon Handmade categorizes handmade products into 14 categories. These categories include Jewelry, Home, Bath and Beauty, Toys and Games, and Furniture, etc. Amazon Handmade fees are calculated based on the product category. For instance, Amazon Handmade charges a referral fee of 15% for Jewelry products. Artisans can ensure that they are calculating their fees correctly by using Amazon’s fee calculator. Amazon provides a free fee calculator that will help sellers calculate their fees based on the product category.

3. Additional Fees

Amazon Handmade also charges additional fees for some services they offer. For example, if an artisan wants to ship overseas, they will be charged an additional fee for international shipping. Artisans can also choose to have Amazon fulfill their handmade products, but this will incur an additional fee. Artisans must fully understand the additional fees before they decide to use these services.

4. Subscription Fees

Amazon offers a subscription service known as Customer Subscription. Artisans can opt to subscribe to this service for a fee of $40 per month. Subscribing to this service allows artisans to enjoy lower referral fees. Artisans who sell frequently on Amazon Handmade will benefit from the subscription service as it can reduce the fees they are charged per product.


Amazon Handmade is an excellent platform for artisans and craftsmen to grow their business and reach a broader audience. Understanding the fees associated with selling on the platform is essential to maintaining profitability. By factoring in fees when pricing products, choosing the best shipping option, optimizing their account for the best results, and staying current with the platform’s policies, artisans can take full advantage of the platform’s potential. By doing so, they can increase their sales and expand their reach to thousands of customers worldwide.

In conclusion, artisans and craftsmen must understand Amazon Handmade fees clearly before they start selling on the platform. The fee structure can be confusing, so we have put together this comprehensive guide to help artesans. Amazon Handmade fees differ for every category, so it’s important for artisans to use Amazon’s free fee calculator to correctly calculate their fees. Artisans must not forget additional fees like the international shipping fee and fulfillment fees when selling on Amazon Handmade. By fully understanding Amazon Handmade fees, artisans can maximize their earnings on the platform.