Understanding If Weighted Blankets Help To Ease Anxious Children

Weighted blankets have proved to be a boon for parents of children with special needs. Weighted blankets have proved to be truly heaven-sent. Weighted blankets are known for providing calming effects that ease the stressed-out minds of anxious and hyperactive kids. Weighted blankets help motivate the child to effectively process information and properly handle certain environments and situations. For many kids with disorders like anxiety, insomnia, or even autism, weighted blankets could help in providing a safe and effective alternative to clinical therapy, treatments, and medication. However, they could be used in conjugation with other existing therapies. They may prove to be quite effective and could perfectly complement existing therapies.

How Do Weighted Blankets Help Anxious Kids

As per http://nymag.com, long before these weighted blankets became so popular for adults suffering from anxiety and insomnia; these blankets were predominantly used in therapeutic settings meant for kids suffering from autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder, sleep issues, and problems related to self-regulation. These weighted blankets are known to provide deep pressure that acts as a soothing massage and generates a feel-good factor. This helps in comforting and calming down the senses of over-stimulated children. These therapeutic blankets are quite effective for children with anxiety issues. Today, you could easily come across a variety of weighted blankets for anxious kids that could prove to be beneficial for boosting their overall mental health and emotional well-being.

Research has revealed that weighted blankets could successfully reduce the associated symptoms of anxiety. Weighted blankets are successful in calming the nerves, easing anxiety and stress and help the kids process their emotions and anxieties. They are safe to be used in both adults and children but you must be careful about the size of the weighted blankets so that there are no suffocation issues. Weighted blankets help kids and adults alike in achieving a relaxed state of mind that allows sound and peaceful sleep at night. Read about Lucid Mattress.


As per experienced occupational therapists, weighted blankets are useful in grounding your body while sleeping simply by pushing your body downwards. In this context, you must know that this process is called grounding and may help immensely in easing your senses and it would have an overall deep calming effect. The weighted blankets are known for stimulating DPT or the deep pressure touch, a kind of effective therapy that utilizes firm, and hands-on pressure for reducing chronic stress and very high anxiety levels.

Studies reveal that grounding could be assisting kids in reducing levels of cortisol at night. Cortisol is known to be a stress-generating hormone and is produced only when your brain is given to understand that you seem to be under attack, thus, it goes to the fight mode or the flight response. You must remember that stress could be escalating cortisol levels. All this could hurt the immune system of both kids and adults. It could result in boosting blood sugar levels in your blood and adversely impact your digestive tract.

We know that elevated cortisol levels, particularly those that never drop back to the normal naturally could be causing multiple complications including anxiety, depression, weight gain, and insomnia. We know that weighted blankets would provide deep pressure touch and promote relaxation, hence, breaking this cycle.

Conclusion; Weighted Blankets Are the Best Choice

Weighted blankets would be triggering the release of serotonin and dopamine, the neurotransmitters that are known to be feel-good hormones generated in your brain. Both these hormones are hugely helpful in combating stress anxiety and even depression in both kids and adults alike.