Oct 28, 2020
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Understanding Skid Steers to Choose Right Skid Steer Attachments

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A Skid steer loader, or as it is called skid steer, is nothing but a construction vehicle used for various tasks. As a default attachment, skid steers usually have a bucket; however, it can be changed and outfit with a variety of skid steer attachments. This allows the skid steers to work with all kinds of landscaping and construction projects. The skid steers come in different sizes, which makes it suitable for every possible application.

A job that does not need heavy construction equipment can help you get your job done efficiently is nothing but skid steer. The skid steer is named after the way it takes a turn. The wheels only point straight ahead since its track or angle is fixed. The tracks or wheels on every side of the skid steer is locked in sync with each other, and they possess their engine, it suggests that the driver has to steer each and every side independently from the side opposite to it.

Any individual who wishes to use skid steer on their construction site has to choose skid steer size, which makes sense for the type of work carried out. Compared to a few heavy pieces of equipment, skid steers are relatively small. You can either rent or purchase skid steer loaders in different sizes. The skid steer size refers to the weight, power, capacity, and size of the frame.

The skid steers along with various skid steer attachments can be used for a variety of applications:-

Bobcat Skid-Steer Loader Model Lineup - Bobcat Company

  • Roadwork: The skid steers can perform the maintenance tasks and road building. A pavement miller or cement mixer can be attached to the skid steer.
  • Demolition: Skid steer is great equipment for both exterior and interior demolition projects. The skid steer with demolition shears can help greatly in flooring, drywall, concrete, and other materials. With its precision and compact size, the skid steer is valuable and especially in tight workspaces for demo projects like tearing down a building that has other buildings nearby.
  • Debris and snow removal: The bucket attachment can be used on the skid steer to remove or clear the debris, snow, and brushes. A snow blade or snowblower attachment can also be used for serious snow removal.
  • Digging, excavating, and trenching: Skid steer works great for tasks that include earthmoving like digging, excavating, and trenching. Many different attachments can be used on the skid steers depending on the needs of the task. For example, auger, backhoe, wheel saw, and trencher. The equipment can dig anything with the right attachment.

These are just a few applications of skid steers, but the list does not exhaust. There are a lot of things which could be done using skid steers. What matters the most is using the right attachment for the job at your hand since the right skid steer attachments can help the skid steer in working more effectively and efficiently.

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