Understanding the importance of attic Insulation Company for roofing

Understanding the importance of attic Insulation Company for roofing

If you want to change your uncomfortable and disorganized home, an attic should be the first thing that needs to be insulated. A home with an inadequate attic makes a huge effect on home efficiency and solace; it allows heat for which you pay for to flee during the winters and the sunlight to enter the house during summers. Expert at attic insulation contractor in Oshawa understands the problem and tries to improve your home energy level to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. Total air sealing and attic insulation services are provided by an attic Insulation company having multiple attic insulation materials, such as blown in insulation.

Significance of attic insulation:

Numerous homes have fiberglass batt insulation already installed but it doesn’t perform well. The department of energy suggests the R-value of R49-60 for attic, but usually, the insulation batts don’t provide more than an R-19 rating.  The attic allows a significant amount of airflow from the living room to outdoors, resulting in cooler rooms in cold weather and uncomfortably hot rooms in summer, increasing your electricity bills.

It is important to look after the attic with a complete insulation system from roofing contractors due to these reasons. The best way to insulate is to fix all the cracks and gaps in the attic from where the air passes. If all the leaks are fixed it is easy to install the insulation throughout the attic. Blown-in cellulose or blown-in fiberglass can be established on the present fiberglass insulation. To improvise your R-value to the suggested level, a thick layer of insulation is applied. There is another option provided by roofing services in the form of spray foam insulation that can offer air sealing and insulation at a time, which is an effective solution to home solace and energy problems.

Different types of attic insulation:

  • Cellulose: It is an eco-friendly product used for resisting fire and made from recycled substances. It is sprayed over the attic using a large tube, it can be installed on top of the present insulation. The use of cellulose insulation permits to create thick layers due to which the R-value of your home can be increased.
  • Blown-in fiberglass: It is made up of finely chopped fiberglass batts, which are the conventional insulation method in that attic. It is more efficient than fiberglass batts, although it offers a continuous layer of insulation without thermal breaks which batt allow. It is applied in the same way to the attic as cellulose is.
  • Spray foam: It is a unique method that offers air sealing and insulation in a single step. Applied using a chemical compound that merges while applying and expands on the surface, letting the area to seal completely. It is a highly effective and long-lasting custom roofing method, but it is expensive. It offers the advantage of not occupying much floor space.

Benefits of attic insulation:

If you are frustrated with costlier energy bills and uncomfortable homes due to high heating and cooling services attic insulation is an effective solution for it. It will fix the leakages and will completely seal that area which can fix your problems. With different options like cellulose, fiberglass and spray foam available anyone of these can be helpful for your insulation.

These are some of the important things that insulation service providers offer if you are looking to get your roof fixed. If you want some more information on attic insulation do follow us on Binged and 2findlocal.